AMS Exclusive Interview with Mike Dirnt

    We recently had a chance to talk with Mike Dirnt of the band Green Day about his signature Fender P Bass, how he gets his tone and the influences that lead to him playing in one of the biggest bands in the world.

    You only have enough time to load your 3 favorite albums on your music player before you catch a long flight, what do you choose?

    The Rolling Stones Beggars banquet, Best of Bowie and my personal Scurvy Dog Playlist.

    We asked our Facebook fans if they had any questions for you and received some good responses. Nick asks, who was your biggest musical inspiration?

    My biggest musical influences were the Radio and my Friends!
    Few artists get to experience the longevity that Green Day has enjoyed. Was there a moment when you realized that you finally made it in the music industry?

    I think when I heard somebody next to me humming Longview in an elevator, I knew we had gotten our music to the masses.

    Green Day has played all over the world. What’s your favorite city to play a show in?

    The best shows can and do happen everywhere. I feel like there isn't a best place to play so much as there are shows where we say "it doesn't get any better than this" - that's what keeps it exciting to play every town on earth!

    A lot of people like to emulate your sound. How do you get your bass tone on stage?

    Me, I like a bass tone that sounds like the bass I'm playing, naked and raw with a bit of grit. There are a lot of great bass tones to go after, and playing around with em can really help get you what you like.

    How did your Signature Fender bass come about and what features did you request when designing the bass?

    I originally had a version of my signature bass made just for me. Fender liked what we made, and we worked together on the Dirnt model. We took the original 51 P bass style and added the 55 cut away, 59 custom wrapped pickups, medium C jumbo frets on a Rosewood fret board, and a Bad Ass Bridge! Tahda!

    Will we ever see the follow-up albums from “The Network”, “Foxboro Hot Tubs” or another incarnation of Green Day??

    We've recorded a ton of music that someday no matter what direction or style it comes from shall be released!

    Compare Mike Dirnt from 1994 to Mike Dirnt touring in 2013. How has he evolved as a musician?

    I think the musician Mike Dirnt of 1994 would say that I know much more about music than I ever thought I would, yet much less that I should know. The pursuit continues.

    Considering all of your success and experience, what advice would you have to someone starting out playing in a band?

    Play with friends, there's a magic and feeling you get playing with others in the room that can't be duplicated from YouTube videos. Oh yea, have fun!