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The Goliath features custom hardware-based effects and several modern and vintage hardware EQ and compressor models, bringing the ultimate in both features and usability to the most discriminating recording applications.

Antelope Audio's Goliath is a towering innovation with 36 analog inputs, 32 analog outputs, 16 Class-A microphone preamplifiers and Antelope's renowned clocking technology: all packed within a 2U rack space unit featuring Thunderbolt, MADI and USB connectivity. Goliath offers two MADI ports with a total of 128 MADI channels or 64 channels per port.

Antelope Audio Goliath Thunderbolt and USB Audio Interface Features

  • Free Integrated FPGA-based AFX modeling legendary vintage gear
  • 64 channels I/O simultaneous streaming, multiple mixers and FX processing 
  • 36 analog inputs; 32 analog outputs
  • 16 Class-A Mic Pres, Hi-Z, Mic & Line ins
  • Cutting-edge monitor output DACs with 129dB dynamic range
  • Flawless 4th Generation 64-bit clocking and unique analog circuitry
  • Thunderbolt and USB connectivity
Goliath comes with the following pack of effects:
  • EQUALIZER LEGENDS: VEQ-STU 089, VEQ-STU 169, VEQ-STU 900, VEQ HA32C, BAE 1023, BAE 1084, NEU-W492, NEU-W495, VEQ-4K Black, VEQ-4k Brown, VEQ-4K Pink, VEQ-4K Orange, BAE-1073, VEQ-HLF, VEQ – 1A, VMEQ-5, LANG PEQ2, VEQ-55A, UK-69, NEU-PEV, INTEGRATED EQ
  • AURAVERB: New Reverb Leveraging Unique Algorithms and Proprietary FPGA Chip for “Smooth and Clear” Sound
    • Cabinets: Darkface 65 2x12, Top30 2x12, Green 2x12, Vintage 4x12, Green 4x12, Caliper50 1x10, Clst 1x12, England4x12, Modern 4x12, Bluelux 1x12. Guitar Amps: Darkface 65 US, Top32 UK, Modern US, Plexi 59 UK, Rock 22.10 UK, Rock 75 UK, Marcus II US, Tweed, Deluxe US, Overange 120 UK, BurnSphere DE.
  • Mics: California121 Ribbon, Austria Gold 414, American57, German FET87. 
With 64 channels of Thunderbolt connectivity, a vast array of routing options and sophisticated software and DSP capabilities, users are able to exert more creative control over their recordings than ever before. In addition to its pristine, commercial-grade AD/DA converters, Goliath also features 4 superb instrument DIs and 2 transformer Reamp outputs on the front. The unit also features 24 line level outputs and 16 line inputs, all on DB25 connectors — making it ideal for tasks requiring hardware inputs or summing. Combined with this impressive feature set, the addition of 16 channels of Class-A microphone preamplifiers makes Goliath more flexible, capable and expressive than any other interface on the market.

First Rate Hardware-Based FX and Clocking Engines
All Antelope interfaces including Goliath feature Antelope’s unique and powerful hardware-based audio effects platform. This custom FPGA -based (Field Programmable Gate Array) platform not only guarantees the lowest sound latency on the market when creating and streaming multiple mixes, but provides Antelope’s devices with massive hardware modeling capabilities.

It includes a constantly growing library of over 35 effects: vintage and contemporary guitar amp & cab simulations developed in collaboration with Overloud, plus Antelope’s very own enhanced versions of legendary studio gear.

These effects include the stunning new AuraVerb reverb, along with several other modern and vintage hardware, EQ and compressor models. Antelope's RealModel technology helps create the most accurate modeling of components, creating an authentic sound experience of classic analog gear.

To ensure clocking stability and crystal clear performance, Goliath utilizes Antelope's proprietary Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management algorithm and oven-controlled crystal oscillator — the same clocking technology used in top mastering studios around the world.

Intelligent, Hands-On Creative Control
With intelligent, tactile controls and a supremely intuitive software user interface, Goliath places full creative control and easy operation in the hands of the user. The physical unit includes dedicated knobs for mic pre gain and instrument inputs, as well as large, assignable knobs for stereo, surround, or headphone monitor outputs. There are also dedicated buttons for talkback, mono and mute, as well as a flexible 'Antelope' button.

Goliath's included control software enables users to easily route any input to any output using a color-coded routing matrix, which also allows users to save up to five presets. Using the system's iOS and Android compatible applications, users can easily go wireless — making it easy to stay in command of Goliath's robust feature set at all times.

Massive hardware modeling capabilities
Already leaders in the field of digital audio clocking Antelope Audio is now on a mission to revolutionize the world of digital audio interfaces. Our custom Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) not only guarantees the lowest sound latency on the market when creating and streaming multiple mixes, but provides our devices with massive hardware modeling capabilities.

Forget about expensive effects
They often sound flat and soulless and can be quite a pain to your computer. Antelope Audio's FPGA effects bring audio realism to a new level. They sound, behave and feel just like real hardware gear, because they ARE real hardware gear.

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
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Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Antelope Audio Goliath Thunderbolt and USB Audio Interface Specifications
  • Analog Inputs: 
    • 16 x Line inputs on two D-SUB 25, +20 dBu max, 11.2 kOhms
    • 16 x Mic / Line universal inputs on XLR combos on the rear (first 4 can be used for instruments also)
    • 4 x Instrument (HiZ) inputs on TRS 1/4 jacks on front
  • Analog Inserts: 2 x Inserts on TRS 1/4 jacks (dedicated to rear universal inputs 1, 2)
  • Digital Inputs:
    • 2 x Fiber Optic MADI (up to 64CH each)
    • 2 x ADAT (up to 16CH)
    • 8 x AES/EBU on D-SUB 25 (16CH)
    • 1 x S/PDIF
  • Word Clock Input: 1 x Input @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC 32 – 192kHz
  • Atomic Clock Input: 1 x 10M Input @ 75 Ohms 1Vpp on BNC
  • Analog Outputs:
    • 24 x Line outs on three D-SUB 25, +20dBu, 56 Ohms
    • 1 x Monitor out on 2x TRS 1/4 jacks
    • 2 x Stereo Headphone outs on TRS
    • 2 x ReAmp outs on TRS
  • Digital Outputs:
    • 2 x Fiber Optic MADI (up to 64CH each)
    • 2 x ADAT (up to 16CH)
    • 8 x AES/EBU on D-SUB 25 (16CH)
    • 1 x S/PDIF
  • Word Clock Outputs: 2 x Outputs @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC 32 – 192kHz
  • Thunderbolt: 1 x Thunderbolt (64 channels I/O)
  • D/A Monitor Converter: Dynamic Range: 129 dB; THD + N: -108 dB
  • D/A Converter: Dynamic Range: 120 dB; THD + N: -107 dB
  • A/D Converter: Dynamic Range: 120 dB; THD + N: -110 dB
  • Clocking System:
    • 4th Generation Acoustically Focused Clocking
    • 64-bit DDS
    • Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator
  • Clocking Stability: <+/-0.02 ppm, oven controlled at 64.5°C/ 148.1°F
  • Clock Aging: <1 ppm per year
  • Clock Calibration: <+/-0.001 ppm
  • Sample Rates: 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 (kHz)
  • Operating Temperature: 0-50°C/32-122°F
  • Weight: 6.8 kg/ 15 lbs approx
  • Dimensions (approx.) :
    • Width: 483mm /19”
    • Height: 81mm / 3.2”
    • Depth: 279mm / 11”
  • Power Supply:AC Universal input ~95-245 V
  • Power Consumption: 40 Watts Max
  • Mic Pre:
    • Gain: 0, 10 – 65 dB
    • THD + N: -108 dB
  • USB I/O: 1 x USB 2.0 Hi-Speed; Data stream up to 480 Mbits/192kHz, 32 channels I/O, Type B
System requirements
    • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
    • Disk Space: Minimum 512 MB available disk space
    • USB: 1x USB 2.0 Port
    • Required USB bandwidth: 80%-90%
    • CPU: Intel or AMD equivalent CPU with at least 2GHz operating frequency
    • Memory (RAM): 4GB Minimum (8GB or more Recommended)
  • MAC:
    • OS X: 10.9/10.10/10.11 (El Capitan 10.11.5 Recommended)
    • Disk Space: Minimum 512 MB available disk space
    • USB: 1x USB 2.0/3.0 Port
    • Required USB bandwidth: 80%-90%
    • Memory(RAM): 4GB Minimum (8GB or more recommended)
    • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (Minimum) Intel Core i3 or higher (Recommended)

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