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Boss GT-1000 Guitar Multi Effects Floorboard

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Product Description

With powerful internal processing, legendary Boss sounds at their finest, and surprisingly easy-to-use design, the Boss GT-1000 delivers in every aspect for the guitarist who want to end the search for the ultimate amp/effects processor! This premium tone machine features 32-bit AD/DA and 32-bit/96 kHz internal processing—an industry first in this category—along with an ultra-fast custom DSP engine that powers a host of innovative BOSS guitar technologies. And with its compact, rugged design and freely assignable controls, the GT-1000 brings immense levels of creative power to pro guitarists on the move.

The GT-1000 comes equipped with highly expressive amplifiers newly built with BOSS’s acclaimed Tube Logic approach, plus groundbreaking Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics (A.I.R.D.) technology for seamless rig integration and unmatched tonal response. World-class signal processing includes MDP effects and advanced algorithms from the popular 500-series pedals, allowing you to craft any sound you can imagine. And with built-in Bluetooth, you can edit and organize sounds wirelessly from the dedicated BOSS Tone Studio app.

Boss GT-1000 Guitar Multi Effects Floorboard Features

  • Flagship guitar amp/effects processor with uncompromising sound quality
  • Class-leading 32-bit AD/DA and 32-bit/96 kHz floating-point internal processing
  • Ultra-powerful BOSS DSP engine, custom-designed specifically for music applications
  • Wide range of expressive amplifiers, newly built with BOSS’s Tube Logic approach
  • Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics (A.I.R.D.) technology delivers ideal performance in every application, from live amplification to direct recording
  • Comprehensive Output Select functionality provides optimized integration with all types of guitar amps, power amps, and full-range monitors
  • Massive selection of onboard effects, including BOSS MDP effects and mod, delay, and reverb algorithms directly ported from the BOSS 500-series pedals
  • Amps and effects can be routed in numerous series and parallel combinations
  • Support for mute-free patch switching and delay/reverb carryover 
  • Easy operation with large display and six user-assignable switching knobs
  • Ten footswitches and integrated expression pedal with user-configurable assignments and LED colors
  • 1/4-inch main outputs and XLR sub outputs; loop for external stereo or mono effects
  • Support for external control via footswitches, expression pedals, MIDI, and USB 
  • Built-in Bluetooth for wireless editing from iOS and Android mobile devices
  • USB audio interface for computer recording and editing 
Designed for Superior Sound
The GT-1000 is BOSS’s most advanced amp/effects processor ever, built for inspiring tone and outstanding musical response. It’s the first-ever guitar multi-effects unit with 32-bit AD/DA and 32-bit/96 kHz internal processing, and the all-new DSP engine provides over three times the power of previous generations. This clean, super-fast processing enables far greater performance complexity than ever before, delivering hyper-realistic tube amp sound and feel, seamless tonal integration with any rig, incredibly rich effects sounds, lightning-fast patch switching, and much more.

Streamlined Design, Ready to Travel
In today’s music world, players need to travel as light as possible, and BOSS designed the GT-1000 for maximum control in a minimum amount of space. In comparison to other processors in its class, it offers a compact, streamlined design that’s easy to carry and set up. The aluminum chassis is both strong and light, and features ten footswitches and an integrated expression pedal with toe switch. Newly developed specifically for the GT-1000, the low-profile footswitches reduce size and weight while maintaining the rugged durability that all BOSS gear is famous for.

Highly Musical Guitar Amplifiers, Powered by Tube Logic
The GT-1000 is packed with expressive guitar amplifiers, all meticulously crafted with the comprehensive Tube Logic design approach behind the renowned Katana, Waza, and Blues Cube amps.

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  323-890-3700 Warranty:  BOSS Compact and Twin Pedals: 5 years parts, 2 years labor; BOSS (other): 1 year parts, 90 days labor

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Boss GT-1000 Guitar Multi Effects Floorboard Specifications
  • Sampling Frequency: 96 kHz
  • AD Conversion: 32 bits + AF method
    • AF method (Adaptive Focus method) is a proprietary method from Roland and BOSS that vastly improves the signal-to-noise (SN) ratio of the AD and DA converters.
  • DA Conversion: 32 bits
  • Effects: 116 types
  • Patches: 250 (User) + 250 (Preset)
  • Phrase Loop: 38 sec.
  • Nominal Input Level: 
    • INPUT: -10 dBu
    • RETURN 1: -10 dBu
    • RETURN 2: -10 dBu
  • Maximum Input Level:
    • INPUT: +18 dBu
    • RETURN1: +8 dBu
    • RETURN2: +8 dBu
  • Input Impedance:
    • INPUT: 1 M ohm
    • RETURN1: 1 M ohm
    • RETURN2: 1 M ohm
  • Nominal Output Level:
    • MAIN OUTPUT (L/MONO, R): -10 dBu
    • SUB OUTPUT (L, R): +4 dBu
    • PHONES: -10 dBu
    • SEND1: -10 dBu
    • SEND2: -10 dBu
  • Output Impedance:
    • MAIN OUTPUT (L/MONO, R): 1 k ohm
    • SUB OUTPUT (L, R): 600 ohms
    • PHONES: 20 ohms
    • SEND1: 1 k ohm
    • SEND2: 1 k ohm
  • Recommended Load Impedance:
    • MAIN OUTPUT (L/MONO, R): 10 k ohms or greater
    • SUB OUTPUT (L, R): 600 ohms or greater
    • PHONES: 44 ohms or greater
    • SEND1: 10 k ohms or greater
    • SEND2: 10 k ohms or greater
  • Controls:
    • DOWN switch, UP switch CTL1--3 switches, 1--5 switches, POWER switch, EFFECT button, MENU button, EXIT button, WRITE button, PAGE button, 1--6 knobs, OUTPUT LEVEL knob, Expression pedal
  • Display: Graphic LCD (512 x 160 dots, backlit LCD)
  • Connectors:
    • INPUT Jack
    • MAIN OUTPUT (L/MONO, R) Jacks
    • SEND1 Jack
    • RETURN1 Jack
    • SEND2 Jack
    • RETURN2 Jack: 1/4-Inch Phone Type
    • SUB OUTPUT (L, R) Connectors: XLR Type 
    • PHONES Jack: Stereo 1/4-Inch Phone Type
    • CTL4, 5/EXP2 Jack, 
    • CTL6, 7/EXP3 Jack,
    • AMP CTL1, 2 Jack: 1/4-inch TRS Phone Type
    • USB COMPUTER port: USB B Type
    • DC IN Jack
    • MIDI (IN, OUT) Connectors
  • Power Supply: AC adaptor
  • Current Draw: 1.2 A
  • Accessories:
    • AC Adaptor
    • Owner's Manual
  • Options (Sold Separately):
    • Footswitch: FS-5U, FS-5L, FS-6, FS-7
    • Expression Pedal: EV-30, FV-500L, FV-500H, Roland EV-5
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 18-3/16 x 9-13/16 x 2-13/16 inches (462x248x70mm)
  • Weight: 3.6 kg (7 lbs 15 oz)

Customer Reviews

James Danley Submitted: 12/5/2018
Product Rating
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
Far exceeded my expectations.
Mike H. Submitted: 11/27/2018
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
This has made my rig a lot easier to navigate. If you like effects, this will be a better option than buying a thousand stomp boxes.
Jim Submitted: 11/8/2018
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
I've tried Helix and Headrush - Both had software issues. This unit is built tough, NO software glitches! Great sound!!
Kirky Submitted: 9/30/2018
Product Rating
Amazing Tech
What is your opinion of this product?
Great sound and build quality. Very realistic response.
Art Submitted: 8/28/2018
Product Rating
It's like having almost every guitar amp in one unit!
What is your opinion of this product?
This thing is amazing! It's like having almost every amp and speaker combination in one unit. Amazing sound, amazing quality and well worth the money.
Harley J Banks, Submitted: 8/2/2018
Product Rating
Absolutely love it
What is your opinion of this product?
The one guy saying the housing is cheap, the ends are plastic, the expression cheap, etc just not true. This thing is absolutely road Worthy and if u need a cold rolled steel slab, that's not the products fault. That's the handlers fault. This is a perfectly compact, yet fuy functional board. The footswitches are ok, but not as the gentleman below makes it out to be. They are spaced enough for me, definitely durable enough for me and this thing could survive the road just fine. The ends are very hard polymer and unless ur playing frisbee with it, u won't be complaining either. You have to cut weight and size , if you want portable and compact. And ur buying it for the tone most importantly, yea? It beats the helix Imo. You get a lot of awesome boss algorithms from all the 500 series and much more. Yes plenty of awesome gain/higain/classic tones right out of the box. Patvges are great, most of em useable as is. It's competitors are fractal ax8 & line 6 helix light. This blows both of em away. So if it's not worth it, show me a unit better for the same price. This horse is def leading that race. Sounds is phenomenal, gotta love the floating 32 bit floating point chip. AD/DA is excellent. Never really cared for boss' menu/navigation system but a minimal learning curve. u can connect your phone for backing tracks or wireless headphones. Very handy. I can go and on and on about why this is absolutely worth a thousand dollars. If u were reading these reviews and sitting on the me, thank me later. That others guys review is absurd, see for urself. U will not be disappointed with ur new gt1000. If u need fancy touch screen or color LCD over tone...then get something else. You want an awesome compact board with tone, processing power, portability are of the highest priority. This is ur huckleberry!Love it, no regrets and it well exceeded my expectations.
Ulric Hodge Submitted: 7/26/2018
Product Rating
Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
What is your opinion of this product?
I have used Boss pedals for years.Started with the stompboxes then moved on to the floorboards. GT6 GT8 GT10 GT1000.There's NONE to compare. Who's the Boss? I'm in love?
Lawrence Adams Submitted: 6/19/2018
Product Rating
Not What I Expected From Boss
What is your opinion of this product?
I want to say first that the GT-1000 sounds great! It has a ton of hoarse power. However... The unit is disappointing overall. The build quality is not up to the normal standards one expects from Boss. The housing is not solid the end caps on the sides of the unit are plastic and the switches feel cheap and are way too close together. Not at all the same as the upgraded switches on the 500 series units or the ES-8. The expression pedal also feels cheap. The GT-1000 is not road worthy. The GT-100 was built extremely well but the GT-1000 is not even close to the same build quality and it is double the price! The GT-1000 is not worth the 1,000.00 street price. I think this was a major mistake for Boss. I own several Boss products GT-100, DD-500, RV-500 & an ES-8. Again as a person that really loves Boss products I am extremely disappointed.


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