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Product Description

The Epiphone Goth Thunderbird IV is one of Epiphone’s best-selling basses! Start with the classic look and feel of the legendary Thunderbird Bass, add 2 ceramic TB Plus bass pickups and gothic appointments and you’ve got a bass that is made to rock! Other features include a mahogany body, a hard maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and black hardware.

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  615-871-4500 Warranty:  Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Specifications

Product Specifications


  • Pickups: (2) TB Plus
  • Hardware: Black
  • Scale: 34 inches
  • Nut Width: 1.5 inch
  • Neck: Bolt-On
  • Neck Material: Hard maple
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Inlay: 12th fret
  • Body Material: Mahogany

Customer Reviews

Craig Submitted: 10/7/2018
Product Rating
Great Bass!!
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
Great tone, easy to play! Love this bass!
Yvonne Rountree Submitted: 1/3/2018
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
My boyfriend hasn’t stopped playing since Christmas !!! He loves it.
AMS Responds:
Omar Rubio from Los Angeles Submitted: 8/5/2012
Product Rating

Almost Good...
I received this bass and immediately noticed that a strap button was not there, nor was it even there before. It was also missing some screws.
I liked the variety of tones that this bass offered and the pick ups were great.
Tone was very dark and heavy.
Your general opinion of this product.
Did not seem well made.
Right away you'll notice: It's heavy! If you're using a strap the head-stock will dip down. After about 10 minutes of band practice my neck and shoulder were sore. Also the design of the body, while very stylish and unique, made it impossible to hit anything past the 21st fret I believe. Also constantly slipped if placed on a stand.
Very heavy but not much else from there
The paint job was stunning!
Surprisingly it was excellent...
Dan from Yonkers, NY Submitted: 7/17/2011
Product Rating

Great bang for the buck
For the price I paid, this is a very well made bass. It is a very simple design so I can't see it having any dependability problems.
The sound is undoubtedly the best feature of the Thunderbird IV. I would change the strap anchor placement.
It has a nice tone that is perfect for punk, hard rock or metal. My 5 string Ibanez doesn't produce the lows that this does.
It is very easy to play. The fast neck is a plus, but the reverse style body makes it hard to hit notes below the 13th or 14th fret (if you play there). The placement of the strap anchors is counter-intuitive, leading to neck dive if you take your hand off the neck. A thick leather strap should remedy this or you could change the strap anchor position to a better place, maybe behind the body.
The pickups sound great for humbuckers.The tone is smooth and consistent, with decent sustain. The stock strings are good for any style of playing (picking, slapping, etc)
The finish is nice. It doesn't appear to dent or scuff like other basses I have. It is not a polished finish so it doesn't show fingerprints.
The action was a little high out of the box. However, the bridge design allows you to make string height adjustments by simply using a flathead screwdriver. It was also way out of tune out when I first took it out of the box.
from , anonmyous24134 Submitted: 7/13/2010
Product Rating

Yes very good quality. Made really well. A bit neck heavy but can live with it.
The whole thing is very good love it.
It has a very heavy and hard hitting tone. Great for metal or any other kind of music.
Playability is very easy and comfortable. The neck is a bit thicker than my other bass but very easy to play.
It is snappy and dark. The pick ups are very hot very fast with out hesitation. Will say have to watch the volume on this one will make your ears bleed if not careful LOL.
Wonderful paint job. Love the flat black finish and the celtic cross on the pick guard really adds to the look.
The action was fanominal. Sounds better than my Ibanez.
Heath Submitted: 5/29/2010
Product Rating

my opinion
It was made well.
It looks cool
It sounds OK, nothing amazing.
It is neck heavy, it is not a good bass if you are not tall and skinny. If you got a belly stay away from this bass, the neck was ok on it, pretty easy to use
it can get decent tones,
OK. I had to lower it
Craven Blood from Streator, Illinois USA, anonmyous24149 Submitted: 4/30/2010
Product Rating

I think this is one of the best quality basses I've had the chance to play. I'm a Schecter guy myself but, I love the feel of this guitar.
The flat body and low action are a nice touch to this bass. The only thing is it is neck heavy. other than that, This is a bass you can't pass up.
I was actually surprised at the tones it was able to produce. I played so many different basses that were over the $299 price tag this had and none could produce the rumble this did.
Bit heavy like I said before but, this bass has a fast neck.
Compared to most basses this has the capability to be bright and snappy or dark and smooth.
I love the finish. No fingerprints.
The action was smooth and the neck is very fast.
Jeff Wickline from Prince George, VA, USA, streetdogg316@yahoo.com Submitted: 10/2/2009
Product Rating

Epiphone Goth Thunderbird
Seems like it will hold up for awhile, It feels pretty solid.
Well, It has some volume knobs and a tone knob, That's pretty much it.
The sounds can go from deep to bright with a few tweaks.
This Bass is VERY neck heavy, Especially compared to my Ibanez EDB 700, But with just playing it for an hour I got used to it. The action is good and fast.
Dark and smooth, Just the way I like it.
Just plain flat black, Doesen't show fingerprints and looks good.
Good and smooth.
jimmy from new york, jlslash@yahoo.com Submitted: 5/16/2009
Product Rating

This bass is built of quality, its killer, its a rock n roll bass
Nothing special about it to be honest, two volume n a tone control, no spectacular features but what an incredible sound
Well it gives off a true "thump", which is what i need. I played the Nikki Sixx blackbird, and own it, and thats my number one, but i didnt wanna beat the heck out of it, so i got this one
Plays great, flat black body gives an amazing feel to it, not heavy even though some people consider t-birds 2 be neck heavy
Dark, thumpy , good bang for your buck, again, nothing 2 me beats the nikki sixx blackbird, but this is up there, for 300 bucks, buy it and beat the mess out it playin, it can withstand the punishment
Great paint job, the satin flat black makes it easy to hold n "glide" to wherever your heart desires
no trouble there, everything i buy from ams is always gr8
Sam from King, NC, Stokes, sboyd177@yahoo.com Submitted: 2/11/2009
Product Rating

Killer bass for the money
Very solid bass
I love the tone from this bass
The tone is thick. I don't want to put it down.
Neck heavy but with a good strap it's stays put. I love the finish and the neck is fast. Its a little thin compared to what I've been use to but thats not a problem.
Dark, smooth to bright. Great thick tone just like the Gibsons. Great pickups!!
Love it
Action was a little high for my taste but was fixed easily.


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