Kelly Shu Composite Bass Drum Microphone Mounting System

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The Composite Series Kelly SHU mounts offer the same functionality as the Kelly SHU Pro systems at a price that fits anyones budget. 

Kelly SHU CompositeThe Composite series Kelly SHU mounts are incredibly strong and durable, made using high-density reinforced compounds, injection molded under a tremendous amount of pressure. The Kelly SHU Composite accepts any standard kick drum microphone that has a threaded base or mic clip.

All the installation components that ship with the Composite series mounts are the same as is included with the Kelly SHU Pro Systems. The System requires NO DRILLING for installation!

The Kelly SHU Composite series also gives you your choice of our exclusive internal and external installation options, both within the same product. Complete instructions for both options are included with each Kelly SHU shockmount.

What's In The Box?
  • The Kelly SHU Composite SHU Mounting Unit
  • 10 Installation Adjustment Holes with Grommets
  • 16 Support Cord Hooks
  • 2.75 ft of Solid Rubber Support Cord
  • 8 Interior Installation Loops
  • Universal Microphone Post with Standard Threads
  • Oversized Jam Nut
  • Complete Installation Instructions
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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  402-421-1169 Warranty:  Limited 1 Year

Customer Reviews

Review: Mitchell Submitted: 9/26/2018

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



Where have you been all my life
Product Rating

Product Review

I did not learn about this until recently and I have been playing drums for years. Well, I am new to recording drums so maybe that is why I just now heard of this. It works really well and is very versatile. I am never going back from trying to record kick without it. l

Review: Basher from Hard Rock, USA Submitted: 3/6/2013

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Genius Product! Easy to install and adjust

Sturdy construction and very adjustable. It now lives forever inside my kick drum!

I've played around with the adjustment of it after installing and found the optimum placement for my kick. It can be used in many different ways, even at weird angles.

After initial installation, I realized my mic was a little too close to the batter head. No problem. I removed the cords from the mounting hooks, moved them closer to the center of the drum roughly 4" from the front head, and presto! Perfect placement and i didn't have to re-cut or alter the cords to do it. Very cool mounting system!

Does what it's supposed to do- mount your kick mic and make life a whole lot easier when it comes to gigging. Sound guys love it! Plug it in and go!!

Your general opinion of this product.

I bought this so I didn't have to have any stands at all required to mic my kit. They're too hard to position and make the kit look cluttered. This unit is amazing and now my kick sounds full, punchy, and awesome, and was the last piece I needed to mic my kit with no stands required. Very happy with this purchase. Now if they only made smaller versions to put inside the toms........


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