Peavey Black Widow 1505-8 KADT Replacement Basket

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Product Description

Replacement Basket for Peavey Black Widow 1505-8 KADT Speaker.
Only Peavey Speakers are made with the precise tolerances required for field replacement. Field-replacement baskets are a standard feature of Peavey's Low Rider, Black Widow and BWX speakers. It takes as little as five minutes to change out a Peavey designed and approved replacement basket and you are back in business. If you ever get a speaker re-coned from other companies, it can be a rough experience. First you have to find a box and ship the speaker back to the company then wait 6-8 weeks to get it back. And the speaker may never sound the same.


  • It's easy enough to do it yourself
  • No hassle, no waiting
  • Factory-fresh performance
  • Peavey's quality assurance

Product Specifications

Replacement Basket Reference Guide

  • 18 inch Low Rider: 00479940, 18 inch Low Rider RB
  • 15 inch Low Rider: 00493720, 15 inch Low Rider RB
  • 1508-8 CU CP Pro Rider: 00494090, 1508-8 CU CP Pro Rider RB
  • 1508-8 AL CP Pro Rider: 00494110, 1508-8 AL CP Pro Rider RB
  • 1801-4 Ohm LT: 001010040, 1801-4 Ohm LT RB
  • 1801-8 BW: 00010280, 1801-8 BW RB
  • 1808-4 SPS BWX: 00488270, 1808-4 SPS BWX RB
  • 1808-8 SPS BWX: 00459090, 1808-8 SPS BWX RB
  • 1808-8 CU BWX: 00488230, 1808-8 CU BWX RB
  • 1808-8 HE BWX: 00488250, 1808-8 HE BWX RB
  • 1508-4 SPS BWX: 00452890, 1508-4 SPS BWX RB
  • 1508-8 SPS BWX: 00452880, 1508-8 SPS BWX RB
  • 1508-8 CU BWX: 00452900, 1508-8 CU BWX RB
  • 1508-8 HE BWX: 00457690, 1508-8 HE BWX RB
  • 1502-4 BW: 00015200, 1502-4 BW RB
  • 1502-8 BW: 00015220, 1502-8 BW RB
  • 1505-8 BW: 00015270, 1505-8 BW RB
  • 1505-8 KA DT: 00015310, 1505-8 KA DT RB
  • Scorpion SP-1525: 00015040, Scorpion SP-1525 RB
  • 1208-4 SPS BWX: 00452290, 1208-4 SPS BWX RB
  • 1208-8 SPS BWX: 00452280, 1208-8 SPS BWX RB
  • 1201-8 Ohm: 00012040, 1201-8 Ohm BW RB
  • 1203-4 BW Super: 00021200, 1203-4 BW RB
  • 1203-8 BW: 00021500, 1203-8 BW RB
  • Scorpion SP-1225: 00013860, Scorpion SP-1225 RB
  • Scorpion S-1225: 00013860, Scorpion S-1225 RB
  • Scorpion S-1025: 00013870, Scorpion S-1025 RB
  • 14XT Driver: 00442500, 14XT DIA. KIT
  • 22XT Driver: 00327470, 22XT DIA. KIT
  • RX22 HF Driver: 00452400, RX22 DIA. KIT
  • 44XT w/o Adapter Driver: 00377380, 44XT DIA. KIT
  • 44XT w/ Adapter Driver: 00377380, 44XT DIA. KIT

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  601-483-5365 Warranty:  Guitars/Basses, Amp, Pre-Amps, Mixers, Electronic Crossovers & EQs: 2 years   Drums: 2 years   Enclosures: 2 years   Digital Effects, Keyboard & MIDI Controllers: 1 year   Mics: 2 years   Speaker Components (incl. replacement parts) and all Accessories: 1 year   Tubes & Meters: 90 days
Johnny RN -Donner Musik, Submitted: 8/10/2017
Product Rating
Been Rockin' my FOH and monitors for YEARS!
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
Let's start with understanding, this is a Peavey product, not ElectroVoice or JBL. That said, you are getting your money's worth when you use these for their intended purposes: Small and medium size clubs for working musicians and sound engineers who still hold on to their day jobs. You will not find a field replaceable basket with this high of quality, that is easy to replace. They won't blow your budget, and if you take care of your gear, don't slam the meters, don't let the 16 year old "visiting" sound engineer of the band mess with your gear, they will last you awhile. I own my venue, and I do recommend changing these out periodically. The sound of these is on par with their price, which is affordable to the concept of "I am not gonna be a millionaire by doing this", but rather you want to deliver quality, enjoyable sound at a good price point. Follow the directions on replacing these, and just like tires, replace them in pairs, salvage ones that are still working for emergency back-ups.
Steven VanIwaarden from Holland, MI, United States Submitted: 10/22/2013
Product Rating
The "Field Replacement" design is second to none.
Your general opinion of this product.
The BW Field Replacement design from Peavey is second to none. I had blown the basket in my SP-G2 speaker from under-powering it with a small amp at a show. The replacement basket is very easy to replace, only having to remove three allen screws to take off the magnet and put on the new basket. The BW sound is deep and full without getting overly muddy. I am very happy with this purchase!
roger from Mn Submitted: 3/9/2011

Jeff Hudson from Boyne City Michigan USA, anonmyous22006 Submitted: 2/1/2010

So easy to replace!!
VERY DISPLEASE WITH peavey from pc,fla.,usa, Submitted: 9/2/2008

use twice, the third time...what the hell
Marc Asch from Michigan Submitted: 7/3/2008

Replacement baskets are great!
MSRP: $115.99
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