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Product Description

Radial Twin City Bones ABY Router Pedal; Redirect your guitar signal between two amps or use both at the same time!
An active designed ABY switcher the Twin City enables the connection of any two amps and contains a buffer that will drive them simultaneously without the worry of noise, loss of gain or degradation of your guitar's natural tone. An easy task thanks to Radial's buffering technology and the same Drag Control load correction circuitry you find in Radial's award-winning JD7 Injector. Set-and-forget the Drag Control, it compensates for any cable signal loss that can occur at the same time reproducing the correct load to replicate guitar and amp interaction.

The Twin City Bones eliminates all of the hum and buzz that can occur from ground loops due to an isolation transformer that is built into output B. Augmented with a 180 degree polarity reversal and separate ground lift switch that gives both amplifiers the ability to play in phase with each other while reducing noise output to an absolute minimum which can be incredibly helpful when using older vintage amps that are more noise prone. The Twin City, when used as a buffer, lowers the signal's impedance and susceptibility to noise, giving it incredible signal driving abilities for long runs of cable that can be used in larger stage settings.

Radial Twin City Features

  • Buffered ABY with Drag load correction
  • Uses circuitry found in Radial's Award-Winning JD7 Injector
  • Isolated output eliminates hum and buzz
  • 180 degrees polarity sets both amps in phase
  • Incorporates EIS - Electronic Impulse Switching Technology
  • Compact to fit on any pedalboard
  • Powered by batteries or optional 9 volt power supply. Click Here!
Like all Radial products, the Bones are constructed from heavy 14 gauge steel for greater durability and added stay put when kicked around on a busy stage. For even greater durability, the Twin-City employs our latest EIS – Electronic Impulse Switching – for unmatched performance without the challenges posed by mechanical switches. Bright, easy to see LEDs deliver on-stage switching cues so you know exactly where you are at all times.

As most players employ pedalboards, the Twin-City features standard Boss style 9V powering that will adapt to most multi-pedal power supplies. The ultra compact design with top mounted output and DC connections allow pedals to be placed close together for those wishing maximum pedalboard density.

The Twin-City is a powerful ABY switcher that delivers all of the natural tone, punch and clarity of a true-bypass device without the popping noise of mechanical switches or the induced hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

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Phone:  604-942-1001 Warranty:  3 Year Transferrable

Product Specifications

Customer Reviews

Review: ElectricUrinal Submitted: 4/19/2017

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



Works Like A Charm
Product Rating

Product Review

This ABY amp switcher does the job I wanted it to do, and it does it better than I expected it would. The phase switch is exactly what I needed to get a Fender Tweed Blues Jr and a Vox AC15 to be in phase with each other. That was a pretty good instant gratification in one flick. The switching between amps (and switching to both amps) occurs instantly and without any trace of sound. The ground lift was needed to get my Blues Jr to stop humming whenever the Vox and Fender were both attached to stereo delay pedal outputs... or the Twin City with the lift switch unlifted. Didn't seem to matter which output the Fender was attached to, it was the one to hum... either using stereo pedal outputs or the Twin City outputs. But the Twin City's switch fixed that problem. The drag feature is useful. It actually does what it says it does. I have mine about 60% up. Using a stereo delay after the Twin City brings back the hum as expected since that un-isolates the isolation.

Review: E.J.Todd from Granite Falls, WA Submitted: 3/18/2014

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



A Utility Pedal with Features?

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Radial has a strong rep in the industry.

Like a Tank.

Made for pros.

Zero coloration no matter where the "drag" function (line driver) is set. The phase and lift switches are a potentially helpful touch.


Too soon but it's from Radial. Should be good.


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