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Audient Sono USB Guitar Recording Audio Interface
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Best-sounding Home Recording Rig for Guitar

By: Greg Lygon      Submitted: 3/21/2019

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Product Rating Product Review This is the first home-recording equipment I have used for electric guitar that actually inspires me to play. The tube is not just a decoration; it's vital for the realism, sustain and touch-sensitivity it brings to the guitar experience in a home recording situation! Once I got the hang of adding the presets to the onboard Torpedo CAB modeling, the tool really opens up. Not only is it a great Audient recording interface, but disconnect it from USB and it's a standalone tube guitar preamp! Now, you can have real tube saturation and realistic CAB modeling played through powered speakers, making an outstanding pedal platform in addition to handling recording chores. while most VSTS or digital modelers sound like they're being played on the radio, the Sono is the first home recording tool I have used that actually inspires me to play guitar.