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    this amp is as good as it gets
    By: Herb Knee      Submitted: 12/31/2015

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I have wanted an ampeg svt for a long time..I threw down and got one (traded in a 300 watt fender head..older solid state model)..I have it rack the rack with it..I have a tech 21 rpm preamp..a korg tuner..and a livewire power conditioner/surge suppressor..and a line 6 relay G90 wireless system..needless to say..this is the king kong of bass systems..I am playing through 2 svt 4x10 hlf cabinets (4 ohm cabinets)..I am running the system dual mono..1250 watts (2 x 625 watts @ 4 ohms)..what a sound..!!..and so much head room..everyone really likes my rig..its the monster on stage when it shows up..the other bass players jaws drop when they hear and see this rig..I should charge admission just to look at it..ha..ha..!!..I am so pleased with the entire setup..thank you ampeg..
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