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GREAT Preamp!!
By: OhNoMrBill from Lakewood, CO USA,      Submitted: 6/11/2008

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Product Rating VERY well made!! SOLID, which I love!! Has some "Heft" to it, is not "C.A.P." (Cheap A.. Plastic) Dependability? Don't know yet, just got it. Solid, stays where you put it, works well! I think I would like it better in natural aluminum color, easier to see under low light. Piece of Cake!! Learning curve? 10 seconds or less. Pure simplicity to connect and use. Very Good! I "suppose", that some of those $2500 preamps might sound a bit better, but I am not dumb enough to go in hock for that stuff! Your general opinion of this product. I am quite happy with it! Very good value, in my opinion!!
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Good Product - It works
By: AMS Customer from USA      Submitted: 2/5/2008

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Your general opinion of this product.

I got this cause my turntable power amp died, and I was very surprised at how sturdy built the unit is

This is one of those products where everything works well right out of the box... There's low cut filter that works and the gain works well

This unit is a no brainer, had it working in 5 minutes and getting records to play

This is good bang for the buck

I was plesantly surprised with the sound... It has good gain, the ground works well, it doesn't color the output, I would recommend this to anybody...
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