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    Brought New Life To An Old Amp
    By: Les Paul Disciple      Submitted: 4/6/2017

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I recently bought a 20+ year old Marshall Valvestate VS30R. The stock speaker, a 30w, 4 ohm Made-for-Marshall Celestion "Goldback", was nothing short of unimpressive. The amp sounded like just another generic solid stater. Deciding on an upgrade I browsed the AMS selection of replacement speakers & found this little gem. I browsed the web to see what other were saying about it & found no negative impressions whatsoever. I have since installed it & begun the process of "breaking it in". This speaker kicks butt. Installing a 60w speaker in a 30w amp gives it a world of clean headroom. Playing "clean" or with my 'Distortion +' the tone was full & quite bright when using the bridge pickup (on an Ibanez Destroyer DT520FM also purchased from AMS). A new speaker can make a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. This one sure did. I love it.
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