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    Unique piece of gear for the studio
    By: M      Submitted: 1/29/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Purchased amp for home/project studio playing and recording. The 15 W or 1 W option along with re-amping abilities and direct out make this a unique amp head option. 3 channels from clean to crunch make this a flexible amp head. Even at 1 W this thing gets loud...
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    Not as versatile as I'd hoped
    By: Matthew      Submitted: 8/10/2015

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    What is your opinion of this product? I got this product home and starting dialing it in to my preference. Sounds great, I was really impressed. I can see how this unit would work great in a studio setting. I decided to attempt to also gig with it. At gigging volume the cleans get pretty dirty. They lose the pristine clean the amp is advertised as having. After a few hours of playing the amp's volume begins to fluctuate and the power indicator gets dimmer then brighter. I would have assumed it didn't have decent power but I was plugged through a power conditioner and watching the voltage. I maintained a 118-120v consistently while the amp would lose power. I'm guessing that since this machine is at an exceptional price point that Laney skimped on the transformers would be my guess. Overall for studio and bedroom playing I give it 5 stars, using this in a live setting I give it 1 star so I'll meet in the middle with 3.
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