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Love this Stand
By: DJ Dare Run G      Submitted: 11/6/2014
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Product Rating Product Review I use this to put my DJ mic on the case shelf of my DDJ SX. Its a lot easier than using a mic stand and the goose neck makes for easy on the fly adjustments. It breaks down easy for transport.
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Gooseneck too weak
By: Damon from Buffalo, NY USA      Submitted: 1/21/2013

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This is a poorly made microphone stand. The gooseneck was not able to support the weight of a Shure SM58 and the stand would just droop over unless I held the microphone up with my hand. Your general opinion of this product. As soon as I tested this, I returned it to American Musical Supply. Their return process was very easy and hassle free. I ordered an On Stage DS300B to replace this one. Let's hope that works better.
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