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    For the price this thing is insane
    By: Regi      Submitted: 8/8/2015

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I bought this guitar because I have an omen 6 without the FR and I really like the way the neck feels. I wanted a FR and a coil tap so I bought this guitar. I’ve had this guitar for about a week and wow. I was a bit skeptical because I had read reviews that the pickups sounded muddy and the FR would not stay in tune but I decided to take a chance. The pickups sound great and I can’t throw this guitar out of tune (I really tried). Do your own research on (Indonesian made) Schecter guitars and you will see that nothing goes to an outlet before it has been inspected by their quality control here in America and if there are any issues they will fix them before shipping them out. She is a heavy girl (17lbs) so that might be an issue for some people but now I get why some reviews I’ve read said that it has a Les Paul feel. The other thing I have to note is that AMS triple boxed the guitar before shipping and it arrived without a scratch on it. I don’t work for Schecter or AMS so believe me when I say this is an honest review. I like this guitar so much that I have not touched my SG and I may even sell it.
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