Modern Acoustic Guitars - The tone of tomorrow is here today!

At AMS, it’s our purpose to carry the best acoustic guitar brands used by students, performing players, and professionals from around the globe! Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Breedlove, Fender, Takamine, Ibanez, Alvarez, Godin - each of these brands brings with them a unique history and approach to the art of designing and building an instrument. The modern musician needs a guitar that can adapt to any playing situation and these acoustics from AMS include the latest modern features. That means you’re getting comfortable designs, durable reinforced bracing, and state-of-the-art electronics that assure incredible connectivity to an acoustic amplifier or performance PA. You’ll be able to record the pristine sound from these guitars directly into a mixer or audio interface and some models are even fitted with synth emulation connectors and USB ports! With an AMS 0% interest monthly payment plan, you’ll get a modern acoustic guitar in your hands quickly and easily so you can take the next step toward fulfilling your musical goals!

Martin Custom Shop CS-D41-15 Acoustic Guitar with Case
12 Payments of $333.34 plus $3,199.00 down
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Martin Custom Shop CSBluegrass16 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar with Case
12 Payments of $333.34 plus $2,359.00 down
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Alvarez Yairi Baritone Guitar with Case
8 Payments of $168.75
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