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Electro-Voice Buyer’s Guide

Electro-Voice ETX Series Loudspeakers

The Fully Loaded Flagship.
Electro-Voice added more of everything to create the ETX Series—the pinnacle of the EV Portable Pro Audio lineup. Each model was created from the ground up to offer the highest specifications in their product class. The result is an innovative line of no-compromise loudspeakers and subwoofers offering features and fidelity normally reserved for the upper echelon of live touring companies, yet available to everyone who cares about achieving audio excellence. The transportable, low-profile design and signature ease of use allow anyone to effortlessly command an ETX Series system in any venue.

ETX Series

10" 2-Way
12" 2-Way
15" 2-Way
15" 3-Way
15" Subwoofer
18" Subwoofer
ETX Series ETX Series

Battleship Build
The Electro-Voice ETX Series begin with select 18mm, 13-ply Birch plywood cabinets protected by an exclusive EVCoat finish. Reinforced 16 AWG powder-coated grilles add extra protection to your sound investment. All 2-Way and 3-Way cabinets feature aluminum pole mount cups, deep-scoop metal handles, and M10 rigging points for use in a flown array. The pole cups offer a unique dual-angle design, allowing the speaker to point down by 7.5° to concentrate the sound in specific area, in addition to the traditional 0° level projection. Asymmetrical cabinet designs allow 2-Way models to be used either upright or lying down as wedge monitors. Subwoofers feature a secure threaded pole mount. The patented Electro-Voice Signal Synchronized Transducers™ (SST) waveguide design provides all 2-Way ETX models with 90° x 60° of precise and constant coverage. The trapezoid design of the 3-Way ETX-35P provides a 60° x 40° coverage pattern. ETX Series subwoofers include removable casters for easy transport.

Premium Drivers
High-performance, low-distortion speaker components deliver breathtaking sound. Full-range ETX Series enclosures come equipped with first rate SMX low-frequency transducers, crossover-mated to precision 1.25" DH3-B titanium compression drivers for superior sound. ETX Series subwoofers employ the DVX drivers to deliver the maximum punch while extending the low-end response.

Full-Range Finesse
Each powered ETX Series full-range loudspeaker features two XLR+1/4" Combo inputs, each with its own input gain knob. These wide-range controls can accommodate nearly any audio signal, from line level to a direct microphone input. The overall level is controlled by the Master Volume control. Both channels are internally summed to a single XLR output jack, ideal for passing the input signal on to a subwoofer or an additional powered speaker.

Sub Mission
Powered ETX Series subwoofers features two XLR+1/4" Combo inputs; each is connected directly to its own XLR output. This arrangement allows both sides of a stereo system to share a single subwoofer system.

Performance Power
ETX Series 2-Way active loudspeakers are powered by a 2000 Watts of clean Class D power; EKX Series powered subs deliver 1800 Watts. Highly-efficient digital amplification significantly reduces the weight of the loudspeaker and minimizes heat buildup. Even so, powered ETX Series models rely on intelligent thermal management to ensure the amplifiers perform perfectly in challenging environments. A series of internal sensors control a variable speed fan to keep things cool. Temperature and Peak limit protection circuits are accessed via the LCD screen and push-knob.

QuickSmartDSP Pro
Created exclusively for the ETX-Series of powered speakers and subwoofers, the QuickSmartDSP Pro circuitry can simplify your setup while providing audio results. The rear panel hosts an informative and easy-to-read LCD screen driven by a single push-dial control. Here you can access and adjust a host of sound-shaping controls—Application, Location, EQ, Sub Crossover, Delay, etc.—plus advanced system settings. The adjustable Delay allows for precision time alignment of multiple loudspeakers. By making just a few straightforward selections, the QuickSmartDSP Pro circuitry adjusts to deliver the best sound for the current conditions. EKX-Series subwoofers include a true cardioid control setting, allowing multiple subwoofers to be used while minimizing low-frequency buildup in the performance stage areas. The Menu lock prevents your settings from being accessed without your approval.

Full-Range QuickSmartDSP Pro Parameters

  • MODE (Music, Live, Speech)
  • LOCATION (Tripod, Monitor, Array, Wall, Suspend)
  • SUB (Off, 80 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz, 150 Hz, ETX-15SP, ETK-18SP)
  • ROOM EQ (3-Bands; -12dB to +6dB)
  • DELAY (0 to 1125 ft. / 0 to 343 msec.)

Subwoofer QuickSmartDSP Pro Parameters

  • MODE (Music, Live)
  • LOCATION (Normal, Cardioid)
  • LOW PASS (80 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz, 150 Hz, ETX-10P, ETX-12P, ETX-15P)
  • ROOM EQ (1-Band; -12dB to +6dB)
  • POLARITY (Normal, Reverse)