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Electro-Voice Buyer’s Guide

Electro-Voice ZLX Series Loudspeakers

The Best-Selling Pro Audio Speakers in the World
Enjoy performing with the easy-to-move, easy-to-use ZLX pro audio speakers from Electro-Voice. The lightweight polypropylene housings make setup and transport a snap. Powder-coated steel grilles offer extra on-the-go protection. Uniquely positioned Hi/Lo handles allow effortless positioning and stand mounting. These compact cabinets offers a split-baffle construction that provides better time-alignment between the drivers for increased clarity. Thoughtful design allows each model to be used in the vertical position to provide 90° x 60° dispersion, or used horizontally as a wedge monitor.

ZLX Series

12" 2-Way
15" 2-Way
12" 2-Way
15" 2-Way
ZLX Series ZLX Series

Custom Components; Superior Sound
Nestled into the ZLX Series enclosures are 12" or 15" EVS-K low-frequency transducers paired with 1.5" DH-1K titanium high-frequency compression drivers. The internal crossover, Constant Directivity horn, and split-baffle construction provide exceptional coverage and clarity for such a compact speaker.

The Right Connections
Each powered ZLX Series loudspeaker features two XLR+1/4" Combo inputs, each with its own input gain knob. These wide-range controls can accommodate nearly any audio signal, from line level to a direct microphone input. An additional 1/8" stereo AUX IN jack allows a direct connection from an MP3 player or other external audio source. The overall level is controlled by the Master Volume control. Both channels are internally summed to a single XLR output jack, ideal for passing the input on to an additional powered speaker. Passive ZLX models (ZLX-12; ZLX-15) feature secure dual SpeakON connectors.

Portable Powerhouse
ZLX Series active loudspeakers are powered by a 1000 Watts of clean Class D power. Highly-efficient digital amplification significantly reduces the weight of the loudspeaker and minimizes heat buildup.

Simplify your setup and achieve outstanding audio results with the exclusive Electro-Voice QuickSmartDSP. The rear panel hosts an informative and easy-to-read LCD screen driven by a single push-dial control. Here you can access and adjust a host of sound-shaping controls—Application, Location, EQ, Sub Crossover, etc.—plus advanced system settings. By making just a few straightforward selections, the QuickSmartDSP circuitry adjusts to deliver the best sound for the current conditions.

  • MODE (Music, Live, Speech, Club)
  • LOCATION (Pole, Monitor, Bracket)
  • EQ (Treble, Bass—variable ± 10dB)
  • SUB (Off, 80 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz, ELX118P)