Meet the JBL Family

The JBL family of live sound is always driven to fulfill the powerful, focused, well-defined audio needs that are a must for performing musicians, engineers, and producers. They confidently stand behind their PRX, SRX, JRX, and STX loudspeakers and subwoofers, LSR studio monitors, and EON line arrays and portable all-in-one systems. JBL live sound is waiting to present your sound with complete clarity - their powered speakers create a dynamic audio experience with ease and their passive speakers pair with power amps to form the centerpiece of an incredible fixed audio installation. Easily integrate a subwoofer to any these great setups and supply robust low-end to your mixes. With JBL, building your project studio setup and live sound system has never been easier, especially with the incredible selection, fast shipping, and 0% interest payment plans offered by AMS!


For a quick and easy live sound setup, look no further than JBL and their EON series powered loudspeakers. The 600-series offers 1000 watts of maximum two-way peak power in an affordable system that comes in 10, 12, and 15-inch speakers. Using JBL’s advanced Waveguide Technology and onboard DSP EQ-parameters, you’ll get the projection and personalized tonal characteristics suited to your musical projects. The Eon One Line Array combines JBL’s proprietary audio projection speaker technology with a matching 10” subwoofer for huge venue sound in a compact, convenient arrangement. The 200P-series portable PA and mixer combo is ideal for mobile DJs, solo musicians, and small touring bands - the ultimate self-contained system that can easily be assembled, taken down, and transported with ease! For use and protection anywhere, mounting tripods, protective covers, and cases are all available for the EON series.


An evolutionary step forward, the brand new PRX800 line combines the use of modern Class-D amplifier power with rugged durability and enhanced versatility in a sleek, comfortable powered loudspeaker design. The very first powered speaker in its class to offer complete wireless control through Wi-Fi, controlling every aspect of your sound is possible from any angle. Sound check and performance adjustments are a breeze with JBL’s new PRX Connect mobile app for iOS and Android, which control 8-band EQ and other DSP effects. Both the PRX800 and the award-winning PRX700 JBL speakers and subwoofers push 1500 watts of maximum peak power from ferrite drivers, ensuring low distortion and a wide bandwidth. From the 10” Two-Way for compact, versatile applications all the way to the JBL’s 15” three-way, ultra high-fidelity, customizable flagship, there is just the right JBL loudspeaker for your musical needs. All JBL PRX series cabinets are built with lightweight and durable poplar plywood enclosures using tongue and groove joints and are protected by their DuraFlex™ coated finish, making them ready to stand up to the rigors of performance. For use and protection anywhere, mounting tripods, protective covers, and cases are all available for the PRX series.


When JBL introduces something new to the world of live sound, it regularly sets the standard in the industry. The SRX800 line of powered portable PA loudspeakers break new ground, bringing together JBL’s premium transducers and enclosures, Crown’s Proprietary Front-End DriveCore Technology, user-configurable DSP, and full HiQnet Network control compatible with a variety of platforms. SRX800 is a perfect solution wherever high performance, comprehensive control, and pristine sound are required. The brand new SRX800 Passive series incorporates tunings available for Crown amplifiers and dbx signal processors, meaning this addition is an optimal choice for a fully integrated Harman Professional sound system controlled through Audio Architect.


Delivering all of the performance and prestige you expect from JBL at an affordable price point, the JRX200 series offers unprecedented value. Every element of speaker system design has been examined down to the tiniest detail. By highlighting tried-and-true features, efficient construction methods and high-quality materials, JBL keeps everything that makes a speaker perform sound its best and eliminates anything that doesn’t. With performance, value and popular price points, the JBL JRX200 speakers truly stand out above the others in their class.


The goal of the no-nonsense STX800 series has always been simple: Offer a high performance, high density system solution in a stage-ready format with concert-worthy floor monitors that perfectly complement any touring system. Then, simply top it off with a great sounding subwoofer that reproduces true low frequency at elevated sound pressure levels. With four full-range systems and two subwoofers, the STX Series is a force as a full-blown tour sound system, live concert performance rig, performance venue installation, mobile DJ system - any professional application! Be sure to pair the STX series with Crown powered amplifiers and dbx speaker control modules for a truly unbeatable audio setup!


Take the first steps towards building a home studio with professional LSR-series monitor speakers from JBL. The 3 Series (5” LSR305, 8” LSR308, and 10” LSR310S subwoofer) is a line that is perfect for those on a budget, offering greater depth and ambience usually reserved for higher price-point models. Their Image Control Waveguide lets you hear your detailed stereo mix with a wide, room-friendly sweet spot. The LSR4300 series is designed specifically to address the demanding needs of a modern production environment, taking into account the acoustic properties of your playback space through automatic calibration. From first setup to the next step up, JBL monitor speakers are ready to form the foundation of your audio core.