Lowest Price Guarantee

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Buy with confidence at AMS where you’re guaranteed the lowest price on your gear! If you find a lower price, even 45 days after your purchase, give us the details and we’ll email you our lowest price, or credit your account for the difference.

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Price Match Rules:

  • The item and options must be the same, including accessories, shipping charges, tax, etc.
  • AMS will not price match against individual sellers, classified ads or auctions. Our price match guarantee is only for new items (factory sealed) offered by authorized U.S. dealers in accordance with their dealer agreements.
  • AMS will not match discontinued items, demos, out-of-stock, closeouts, items out of the box, or the like.
  • AMS will not price match dealers outside the U.S.
  • AMS will not offer price protection against other dealers who have advertised "loss leaders” in an attempt to attract you to their site and will not take part in bidding wars with other dealers for the opportunity to sell you a "package" of products. Selling below cost is an unsustainable means of doing business. We price match whenever possible, but our top priority is keeping our everyday prices low for all and maintaining valuable benefits such as free shipping and extended warranty.
  • Price Match cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.
  • Price Matched products may not be eligible for the AMS or Affirm Payment Plan.
  • Price Match Guarantee excludes these brands: Bose, Adam Audio, Manley, Townsend Labs and AMS Exclusives.
  • Price must be printed in a local or national ad by an authorized dealer, or otherwise confirmable by AMS. You may be asked to provide information needed to verify competitor price.
  • All Price Matches are at AMS’ sole discretion.