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Flix Fiber Rods feature thick, resilient fibers and adjustable tone rings that produce a superb range of unplugged sounds.
Try a different ring setting on each hand.

The Orange stick is their most popular product. Drummers world-wide have discovered just how versatile, subtle and expressive the Orange Stick can be. Orange Sticks have been featured on the American Country Music Awards, David Gray's White Ladder album, and hundreds of other shows and albums.

The Black stick is heavier, with thicker fibers, produced to meet the demand for a louder, harder, sounding stick and is becoming increasingly popular.

Flix have put a much greater range of sounds in my stick bag!
- Studio Drummer, USA

At Flix, they manufacture a superb range of fiber drumsticks and drum brushes each carefully developed to produce it's own unique combination of sound, balance & dynamic effect!

Covering the entire musical spectrum from Jazz, through Pop, Country, Latin and Ethnic to Heavy Rock, Flix Products are the first choice of many studio, session and show drummers seeking to add a significant new dimension to their playing.

I can get greater dynamic range & make more exaggerated movements without the drown-out I would get from the usual wood sticks.
Clune - with David Gray, UK.

Flix Products are played enthusiastically by major name drummers world-wide. Most of these however, have paid stick endorsee contracts which prohibit their names from being associated with similar products.

That's OK by Flix and as a small independent company, they cannot afford to pay for names! Their best endorsees are the thousands of drummers playing and enjoying Flix. Join the clan!
    Who's Playing Flix?
  • Clune with David Gray: Following on the success of David Gray’s album Life in Slow Motion, Clune is back on the road, with Flix Sticks and Tips featuring in all concerts.
  • Gary Chaffee: Highly regarded internationally for his creative work on many albums and in particular his original approach to drum tuition, Gary Chaffee recently discovered Flix Classic and has played them regularly, ever since. We are delighted that our product has been adopted by such a fine and much respected percussionist.
  • Jason Pierce: Jason Pierce, drummer with Canadian chart topping group Never Ending White Lights is now playing Orange Sticks.
  • Jan Kurtis Skugstad
  • Ton Dijkman
  • Jayson Brinkworth
  • Ken Serio
  • Herman Mendonca
  • Ryan Ross
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