NUX Mighty 8BT MKII 8 Watt Portable Guitar Amp

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The new NUX MIGHTY 8BT MKII Portable Amp includes a 6.5” speaker with IR technology. Offering you limitless tonal possibilities, the portability will let you busk anywhere for up to 8 hours.
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Product Description

The NUX Mighty 8BT MKII amp will revolutionize your musical practice.

This powerful amplifier offers you unbeatable sound quality with its 6.5” FRFR speaker and IR technology. With more volume, clarity and enhanced lows than ever, you'll be able to enjoy the perfect sound every time. Plus, with 8 x AA batteries, you'll be able to play wherever you want without worrying about running out of power. That's right, busk your heart out anywhere for up to 8 hours - just pop in a new set of batteries and you're ready to go.

This completely portable amp also gives you a range of tonal possibilities, letting you get the sound you want every single time. Whether you're recording, playing live or practicing in your bedroom, the NUX Mighty 8BT MKII is the ideal choice.

The MIGHTY 8BT MKII provides a variety of effects for electric guitar and bass guitar including amp modeling and cabinet IRs. It also comes with acoustic amp modeling and acoustic IRs to let you simulate acoustic guitar tones.

There’s even an additional channel on the amp to plug in a dynamic mic, making it a great solution for live performances.

Editing and saving your presets can be done in the studio or on the go with the Mighty Amp App for your smart device (iOS/Android) or Mighty Editor™ software (Mac/PC). And you can even load 3rd party IRs through the Mighty Editor™ edit software to expand your tone. (You can load any WAV format IRs, the Mighty Editor™ will convert to 32bits/48kHz onto the device automatically. Note: There are 36 default IRs, and user IR slots are 18 (from 37 to 54).

The MightyAmp™ APP and Mighty Editor™ edit software lets you tweak all the signal blocks and parameters. The MIGHTY 8BT MKII includes GATE, EFX, AMP, IR, MOD, DLY and RVB signal blocks.

The MIGHTY 8BT MKII supports USB-C audio stream, meaning that it can be an USB recording interface. It supports Normal / Dry Out / Re-amp / Loopback routing, which can be adjusted via the MightyAmp™ APP or Mighty Editor™ edit software even live stream jamming with Loopback! (Loopback signal includes PC’s playback, Bluetooth audio, AUX IN signals.) Use the OTG adaptor, you can use the mobile phone to do livestreaming! (Note: Be sure to download the NUX ASIO Driver from the NUX website prior to using the MIGHTY 8BT MKII as a recording interface if you’re on a PC. If you’re a Mac user, it’s plug and play.)

NUX Mighty 8BT MKII 8 Watt Portable Guitar Amp Features

  • 8 watts with 6.5” FRFR speaker portable Modeling Amplifier.
  • MIC input.
  • TSAC-HD (White-Box) Amp Modeling algorithm offers realistic playability & feedback.
  • 512 samples IR resolution. (36 premium built-in IRs and 18 user slots for 3rd party)
  • 7 presets with ACTIVE functions. (PRESET switch toggles ACTIVE ones sequentially.)
  • GATE, EFX, AMP, IR, MOD, DLY, RVB effect blocks.
  • White-box algorithm EFX offers analog response and natural chaos.
  • Patch Level function for each preset.
  • Drum machine.
  • Intuitive MightyAmp™ APP & Mighty Editor™ edit software(3rd party IR loader).
  • USB-C: Mighty Editor™ edit software communication, USB audio stream, and Firmware update.
  • 8 x AA batteries can drive 8 hrs.

Don't miss out - get your own Mighty 8BT MKII amp today and take your guitar playing to the next level!

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  626-800-7466 Warranty:  5 Year Limited Warranty

Product Specifications

NUX Mighty 8BT MKII 8 Watt Portable Guitar Amp Specifications

  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • MIC Input Impedance: 6.2kΩ
  • AUX In Impedance: 9.1KΩ
  • Headphone Output: 280mW+280mW(To 33 ohms load)
  • Sampling Rate: 48KHz/32-bit
  • System Latency: 1.42ms
  • Current Draw: 12V DC 170mA
  • Speaker: 6.5”, 4Ω, 10W
  • Dimensions: 240(L)X 166(W)X 220(H)mm
  • Weight: 2.96kg

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