Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12 Digital and Analog Turntable

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Pioneer's PLX-CRSS12 Digital Analog Hybrid Turntable features tone arm free DVS controller capability, customizable feel and performance pads, and a MAGVEL CLAMP to hold records in place
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Product Description

The Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12 Turntable – the world's first turntable that offers the best of both worlds. This game-changing deck offers DJs the chance to control their digital music with exacting precision via DJ software and to put on an old-school vinyl set of records. The PLX-CRSS12 is the ideal turntable for the modern turntablist who demands the best of both worlds.

Offering increased accuracy and unmatched performance, the PLX-CRSS12 lets you enjoy DVS control with Serato DJ Pro or Rekordbox. And when you want to spin vinyl the traditional way, you can switch to analog mode and use the turntable's precision tone arm for those classic scratches and backspins. Plus, you'll never have to worry about needle skipping again when you mix in DVS mode.

The PLX-CRSS12 can adapt to suit the artist style. By adjusting the rotation dial on the included MAGVEL CLAMP, artists can change how “heavy” or “light” the record feels. Artists can also adjust the turntable’s torque level in the utility settings, and there are 3 stopping speeds to choose from.

At first glance, artists will see how the PLX-CRSS12 has been designed for fluid scratching and intuitive performances. And when they look closer, they’ll notice new features that enable a greater level of control and creativity. The battle-style layout leaves plenty of room for scratching and there are 4 MIDI-mappable Performance Pads too. Artists can also keep an eye on crucial information via the OLED display.

Pioneer PLX-CRSS12 Turntable Features

  • Tone-arm-free DVS control removes needle skipping in Digital Vinyl mode, no matter how hard users scratch.
  • The new MAGVEL CLAMP holds the record firmly in place, enabling it to directly control the digital music file, giving users the true feeling of vinyl without the tonearm.
  • When playing analog records, the experience will be just like using the popular PLX-1000.
  • The MAGVEL CLAMP dial allows users to find the perfect “weight” setting. The amount of torque will be increased or decreased to make the record feel lighter or heavier without changing or adjusting slip mats or slip sheets.
  • Users can adjust the turntable’s torque level in the utility settings.
  • There are 3 deck-stopping speeds to choose from via a switch on the front of the unit.
  • 4 built-in MIDI-mappable Performance Pads
  • The built-in OLED display allows performers to easily locate the tempo range and key when Step Pitching with Analog or Digital Vinyl mode.
  • A switching power supply is used to eliminate transformer power supply vibration and flux leakage while suppressing unwanted noise, creating high-resolution sound quality.
  • Replaceable MAGVEL CLAMP
  • Compatible with Serato DJ Pro (coming this autumn) and rekordbox.
  • Connect unit to a PC/Mac with DJ software installed, and to a mixer that supports the DVS function of the respective DJ software, to use Digital Vinyl mode and the Performance Pads.


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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  844-784-0000 Warranty:  1 Year

Product Specifications

Pioneer PLX-CRSS12 Turntable SPecifications

  • Power requirements: AC 110 V – 240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 8W
  • Power consumption (standby): 0.5W
  • Weight: 12.2 kg / 26.9 lb
  • Maximum Dimensions (W × D × H): 453 × 353 × 159 mm / 17.8" x 13.9" x 6.3"
  • Tolerable operating temperature: +5 °C – +35 °C (+41 °F – +95 °F)
  • Tolerable operating humidity: 5% – 85% (no condensation)
  • Turntable part: Servo type direct drive
  • Motor: 3-phase brushless DC motor
  • Braking system: Electronic brake
  • Rotation speed: 331/3 rpm, 45 rpm
  • Rotation speed adjustment range: ±8%, ±16%, ±50%
  • Wow and flutter: 0.15 % or less WRMS (JIS WTD)
  • S/N ratio: 65 dB (DIN-B)
  • Turntable: Aluminum die-casting diameter: 332 mm
  • Starting torque: High: 0.45 N·m (4.5 kgf·cm), Mid: 0.32 N·m (3.2 kgf·cm), Low: 0.2 N·m (2.0 kgf·cm)
  • Start time: 0.3 seconds (at 331/3 rpm)
  • Brake time: Max: 3.5 seconds, Mid: 1.0 seconds, Min: 0.5 seconds or less
  • Arm type: Universal type S-shape tone arm, gimbal-supported type bearing structure, static balance type
  • Effective length: 230 mm
  • Overhang: 15 mm
  • Tracking error: Within 3°
  • Arm height adjustment range: 6 mm
  • Proper cartridge weight: 2.5 g – 12 g, Cartridge weight includes the mounting screws and nuts.
  • When shell weight is used: 2.5 g – 5.5 g
  • When only balance weight is used: 5g–9g
  • When sub weight is used: 8.5 g – 12 g
  • PHONO output terminal: RCA pin jacks: 1 set
  • USB terminal: Type-C: 1 set

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