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    DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion Guitar Humbucker Pickup

    From  $79.99ex VAT$79.99inc VAT
    This is the pickup that started it all. Many of the classic Rock guitar sounds of the '70's and '80's were produced by a Super Distortion and a raging tube amp. But don't confuse classic with  ...
    DiMarzio DP708 Crunch Lab 7-String Humbucker Guitar Pickup

    From  $89.99ex VAT$89.99inc VAT
    The DiMarzio DP708 Crunch Lab 7 String Humbucker Pickup is the best live and studio pickup according to the man who helped design it, John Petrucci. John used it throughout Dream Theater’s  ...
    DiMarzio X2N Guitar Humbucker Pickup

    From  $84.99ex VAT$84.99inc VAT
    The DiMarzio X2N Humbucker Pickup is a take no-prisoners, in your face humbucker. Twin, wide-bar pole pieces give the X2N a nasty, dangerous look; and rightly so. Our highest gain pickup excels at  ...
    DiMarzio DD2800 ClipLock 3 Inch Guitar Strap

    From  $27.95ex VAT$27.95inc VAT
    The Dimarzio Cliplock guitar strap is by far on of strongest and most durable guitar straps on the market today. Designed specifically for musicians looking for incredible comfort and security. If you have  ...
    DiMarzio J06 Guitar Instrument Jumper Cable

    From  $16.99ex VAT$16.99inc VAT
    DiMarzio is famous for their professional grade guitar cables. Now comes the Dimarzio Jumper Cable. A shorter version of those professional grade guitar cables. Right-angle Switchcraft ends are  ...
    DiMarzio John Petrucci Nylon Cliplock Guitar Strap

    From  $29.95ex VAT$29.95inc VAT
    John Petrucci is a longtime user of DiMarzio ClipLock Quick Release Guitar Straps. The John Petrucci Nylon ClipLock Guitar Strap was specially designed for and with John, and made to his custom specifications. r  ...