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    DiMarzio DP415W Area '58 Stratocaster Single Coil Pickup

    From  $79.99$79.99
    DiMarzio has finally done it! They have constructed a single coil pickup that sounds amazing and has such minimal hum you would think it's a humbucker. Well believe me this is no humbucker, not with  ...
    DiMarzio DP708 Crunch Lab 7-String Humbucker Guitar Pickup

    From  $99.99$99.99
    The DiMarzio DP708 Crunch Lab 7 String Humbucker Pickup is the best live and studio pickup according to the man who helped design it, John Petrucci. John used it throughout Dream Theater’s  ...
    DiMarzio DP409 Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2 Humbucker Pickup

    From  $74.99$74.99
    Prepare to be surprised by the tone of the Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2 pickup. You have heard the old cliche that Alnico 2 means warm, soft sound, but the DiMarzio DP409 is not a polite pickup. The closer it's  ...
    DiMarzio DD2800 ClipLock 3 Inch Guitar Strap

    From  $29.95$29.95
    The Dimarzio Cliplock guitar strap is by far on of strongest and most durable guitar straps on the market today. Designed specifically for musicians looking for incredible comfort and security. If you have  ...
    DiMarzio J06 Guitar Instrument Jumper Cable

    From  $17.95$17.95
    DiMarzio is famous for their professional grade guitar cables. Now comes the Dimarzio Jumper Cable. A shorter version of those professional grade guitar cables. Right-angle Switchcraft ends are  ...
    DiMarzio EP1201L Custom Taper Long Shaft Potentiometer 500k

    From  $9.95$9.95
    The DiMarzio EP1201L custom taper long shaft pot for electric guitar is rated at 500kOm with a nut for fastening. Mounting hardware included by DiMarzio to make installing this potentiometer a snap. Modification  ...