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    Guitar Amps

    Marshall DSL40C Dual Super Lead Guitar Combo Amplifier

    From  $699.99$699.99
    8 Payments of $87.50
    The Marshall DSL40C Dual Super Lead Guitar Combo Amplifier is a mid-sized amp that is designed to be your go-to workhorse amp and can handle virtually any gig or studio work! 40-watts are provided  ...
    Line 6 Firehawk 1500 Electric 6 Speaker Stereo Guitar Amplifier

    From  $799.95$799.95
    12 Payments of $83.34
    Featuring award-winning tone, advanced editing control, and unmatched volume flexibility on stage, the Line 6 Firehawk 1500 is a 1500W/132dB SPL 6-speaker stage amp for guitarists who want to perform with great  ...
    Fender 65 Twin Reverb 85 Watt 2x12 Guitar Combo Amplifier

    From  $1,199.00$1,199.00
    12 Payments of $120.84
    Fender has been making great amps for over 50 years and over the years a few models have surfaced as classics, cornerstones of the industry, historic instruments in thier own right. The Fender 65 Twin  ...
    EVH 5150IIIS 100S EL34 Stealth Tube Head 100 Watt

    From  $2,399.99$2,399.99
    12 Payments of $200.00
    Wrapped in an elegant gold and black EVH motif, the 5150IIIS EL34 Head allows you to experience classic EVH EL34 tone, the sound that helped power Eddie Van Halen’s groundbreaking work on his earliest Van  ...
    Peavey 6505 Plus Guitar Amplifier Head

    From  $729.95$729.95
    12 Payments of $83.33
    The Peavey 6505 Plus Guitar Amp Head features six 12AX7 preamp tubes and four 6L6GC power amp tubes, with presence and resonance controls and three-band EQ for taming their notorious tone.  ...
    Kemper Profiler PowerHead Guitar Amp Modeling Processor Powered Head

    From  $2,319.00$2,319.00
    5 Payments of $490.00
    Undoubtedly the most versatile amplification system ever! The Kemper Profiler PowerHead Guitar Amp Head adds a built in 600 Watt power amp to the Kemper Profiler concept, making it not only  ...
    Randall Thrasher 412S Straight 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

    From  $899.97$899.97
    8 Payments of $112.50
    To match the thunder of the Thrasher head, this is a 4x12 like no other. The Thrasher 412S from Randall is a deep-oversized, straight, tuned front ported speaker cabinet with heavy duty steel grill, corners,  ...
    Marshall JCM1960B 4x12 Straight Guitar Speaker Cabinet

    From  $949.99$949.99
    8 Payments of $118.75
    Marshall Speaker Cabinets The only choice for serious musicians. Nothing compares to Marshall cabinets in terms of awesome tone and projection. Both visually and aurally, Marshall 4x12 cabs  ...
    EVH Eddie Van Halen 5150 III 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

    From  $779.95$779.95
    12 Payments of $83.34
    The EVH 5150 III 412 cab is the brainchild of Rock and Roll hall of fame inductee Edward Van Halen and the legendary tone masters of Fender. This professional 412 cab was developed to meet the  ...
    Marshall MG100HCFX Head and MG412ACF Cab HalfStack

    From  $599.99$599.99
    5 Payments of $120.00
    The Marshall MG100HCFX Head and MG412ACF Cab Half Stack combines the ultra-sleek Marshall MG100HCFX Guitar Amplifier Head and the powerful Marshall MG412CF 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet. Carbon  ...
    Marshall MG15CFXMS Microstack Full Stack Guitar Amplifier

    From  $399.99$399.99
    5 Payments of $80.00
    For the big Marshall full stack look without the back-breaking weight, the Marshall MG15CFXMS Microstack Full Stack Guitar Amplifier is the perfect choice! Its small size makes the MG15CFXMS a  ...
    Marshall DSL100 Head and MX412A Cab Guitar Amp Half Stack

    From  $1,299.99$1,299.99
    8 Payments of $162.50
    This Marshall Half Stack with DSL100 Head and MX412A Angled Cab is a powerful amp for players who want their guitar to resonate throughout the room. The all-tube Marshall DSL100H Dual Super Lead Guitar Amplifier  ...
    Fishman LoudboxPerformer Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

    From  $799.95$799.95
    8 Payments of $100.00
    The Fishman Loudbox Performer Acoustic Guitar Amplifier is a powerful yet remarkably lightweight acoustic amp for the discerning musician! The Loudbox Performer kicks out an impressive 180 watts  ...
    Fender Acoustic Pro Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

    From  $899.95$899.95
    12 Payments of $83.34
    Offering a sonic experience like no other, Acoustic Pro amplifiers are true ‘audiophile amps,’ delivering superior live sound with studio-quality effects. Along with a flexible pro feature set,  ...
    Marshall AS50D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

    From  $399.99$399.99
    5 Payments of $80.00
    The Marshall AS50D is incredibly expressive and feature-loaded with sound quality that will impress all. If you thought that Marshall caters only to metal heads and rockers, this new amp  ...
    Yamaha THR10C Classic Desktop Guitar Combo Amplifier

    From  $269.95$269.95
    5 Payments of $60.00
    The boutique amp revolution has given players amps with incredible dynamics that respond to your playing. The Yamaha THR10C Classic Desktop Guitar Combo Amplifier perfectly recreates that  ...
    Orange Micro Dark Terror Mini Electric Guitar Head Hybrid 20 Watts

    From  $189.00$189.00
    3 Payments of $63.00
    A pint-sized, 20 watt valve hybrid head, the Micro Dark Terror is driven by a 12AX7 preamp section that offers tones from ‘Clean’ to ‘Mean’. Features include a buffered effects loop ,  ...
    Yamaha THR10 Desktop Guitar Combo Amplifier

    From  $299.99$299.99
    5 Payments of $60.00
    The Yamaha THR10 Desktop Guitar Combo Amplifier packs in everything you need from an off-stage amp. Real tube amp tone and dynamics, great sound at low volume, genuine hi-fi quality stereo  ...
    Eminence American Standard Delta15LFA 15 Inch Speaker 500 Watts

    From  $89.99$89.99
    3 Payments of $30.00
    The Eminence Delta 15LFA model is specially designed with extended Xmax to deliver more bass than standard models and provide a true woofer for three-way applications. Performance is optimized for high  ...
    Celestion G10 Gold 10 Inch Guitar Speaker 40 Watts

    From  $175.00$175.00
    3 Payments of $58.34
    The Celestion G10 Gold Replacement Guitar Speaker conveys the Alnico mellowness of the original Blue, with the speed and response of a 10 inch driver! The G10 Gold is the ultimate 10 inch speaker,  ...
    Electro-Voice EVM12L Classic 12" 200 Watt Guitar Loudspeaker

    From  $265.00$265.00
    5 Payments of $53.00
    The new Electro Voice EVM12L Classic is a 200 watt version of the original EVM12L Pro-Line The EVM12L Classic was designed for professional high-level, high-quality musical instrument and sound  ...
    Tung Sol 12AX7 ECC83 Dual Triode Tube

    From  $14.95$14.95
    The 12AX7 Tungsol has high gain, ultralow microphonics and superb linearity. The sound of this tube is full and musical. The Tung-Sol name and trademark have been acquired by the New Sensor  ...
    Mullard EL34 Power Amp Vacuum Tubes - Quartet

    From  $107.95$107.95
    3 Payments of $35.99
    The Mullard EL34 Tube, The Master Valve, is made in Russia and renown for its tone and character. It is available here in a matched quartet (set of four  ...
    Groove Tubes GT 12AX7C Select Preamp Tube

    From  $19.95$19.95
    Great chiming tone with sweet, warm midrange excellent for Fender amps. Smooth distortion characteristics and one of the highest-output preamp tubes in the GT 12AX7 line, with very consistent quality.  ...
    On Stage RS7705 Adjustable Amplifier Stand

    From  $59.95$59.95
    This pro stand features a fully-adjustable tilt angle for precision placement of a wide range of amps, monitors and speaker cabinets. The locking tilt mechanism features 48 teeth for the utmost in security. Its 1'  ...
    On Stage RS7000 Stage Monitor or Guitar Amp Stand

    From  $39.95$39.95
    This professional-quality amp stand provides 5-position height adjustment and locking pins. No-slip rubber end caps keep this stand firmly in place. The support shelf is 8 inches wide and 12 inches high. Height  ...
    On Stage RS6000 Folding Tiltback Amp Stand

    From  $34.95$34.95
    The On Stage RS6000 Folding Tiltback Amp Stand tilts your amp back to direct sound where you can hear it! The solid steel box frame design provides a rock solid foundation and includes vibration  ...
    Line 6 Pocket POD Guitar Effects Processor

    From  $99.95$99.95
    3 Payments of $43.33
    The Line 6 Pocket POD puts world class Pod tone and rockstar presets in the palm of your hand! About the size of a handheld tuner, Pocket POD is the only personal amp modeling and effects processor  ...
    Phil Jones Bass BigHead Headphone Amp D/A Converter

    From  $249.99$249.99
    5 Payments of $50.00
    The PJB BigHead is not big at all. In fact it is barely larger than an iPhone. The 'Big' is about the sound. It functions first as an awesome bass headphone amplifier with 2 band EQ ( +/- 18db @ 60 Hz and +/- 18dB  ...
    Vox amPlug Metal Guitar Headphone Amp

    From  $39.99$39.99
    The Vox Amplug Metal is a headphone guitar amp that lets you enjoy serious guitar sound, fast. Jamming late at night? Don’t want to wake the neighbors? Maybe you want to work out a lick with  ...
    Ernie Ball 6102 Amplifier Casters Pop Out

    From  $23.95$23.95
    The Ernie Ball 6102 Amplifier Casters are pop-out wheels to replace worn-out casters or for that new cabinet you're building. Includes mounting hardware. Set of 4, pop-out socket mount. 2  ...
    Pignose AC9 Power Supply for Pignose 7100

    From  $14.95$14.95
    9 volt AC adpater for the Original Legendary 7100 Pignose amp. Fits into the back of the amp for convenience. Just plug it into the wall and save on batteries when you're at home or anywhere close to an AC  ...
    Ernie Ball 6101 Amplifier Casters Standard Mount

    From  $19.95$19.95
    Rugged 2' wheels to replace old casters or for that new cabinet you're building. Complete with mounting hardware. Set of 4, standard plate mount. 2' diameter x 7/8' Ruberex wheel, double ball bearing, split level,  ...
    Line 6 FBV3 Foot Controller

    From  $249.99$249.99
    5 Payments of $50.00
    An advanced foot controller, the FBV3 gives you complete control over Firehawk 1500, AMPLIFi, Spider, and other Line 6 amps and effects. Five FX footswitches with assignable color LEDs plus six single color  ...
    Marshall CODE 4Way Stompware Foot controller for CODE Amplifiers

    From  $69.95$69.95
    By using the CODE foot controller with your Marshall CODE amplifier, you will experience the full expressiveness of the next generation of Marshall amplifiers. Connect your CODE programmable 4-way footcontroller  ...
    DigiTech FS3X 3 Button JamMan Expander Footswitch

    From  $39.95$39.95
    The DigiTech FS3X provides hands-free loop selection and enables the Auto Record feature on the JamMan. The DigiTech FS3X is a welcomed addition to several DigiTech products; The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The  ...
    Marshall BC40 Amp Cover for Full Size Tube Heads

    From  $39.95$39.95
    Protect your Marshall investment! This affordable cover will keep your gear looking great for years. All Marshall covers are made of weather-resistant vinyl and feature the Marshall logo. Designed  ...
    Yamaha THR Series Amplfier Gig Bag

    From  $39.99$39.99
    Protect and transport your THR amplifier to the studio or a live gig with this padded bag. A high quality bag for your Yamaha THR5 and THR10 includes a removable pocked for your accessories and a detachable  ...
    Fender Cover for Blues Junior Amp

    From  $19.95$19.95
    Whether on the road or just taking to practice protect your precious Blues Junior Tube Amp with this Nylon Cover. Specifications Construction: Nylon  ...
    Odyssey FZGC212W ATA Guitar Combo Amp Case

    From  $319.99$319.99
    5 Payments of $64.00
    Tired of your beloved combo amp getting banged around or busted up? Our new ATA Guitar Combo Amp case is the perfect solution for safely transporting your 2 x 12 combo amp. Each case features heavy duty handles,  ...
    Gator G212ROTO Transporter 2x12 Combo Amplifier Case

    From  $149.99$149.99
    3 Payments of $50.00
    The Gator G212ROTO 2x12 inch Transporter Combo Amp Case is rugged and ready for where the music takes you! It doesn't matter if you're gigging every weekend, or looking to store your  ...
    Gator G112ROTO Transporter 1x12 Combo Amplifier Case

    From  $129.99$129.99
    3 Payments of $43.33
    The Gator G112ROTO 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp Case is here to keep your amp safe no matter how much you gig! Wether you're gigging every weekend, or looking to store your boutique 1x12  ...
    Radial Headload Prodigy Tube Guitar Amplifier Attenuator With JDX

    From  $399.99$399.99
    5 Payments of $80.00
    Designed to produce a lower stage volume when needed, the Headload Prodigy is a combination load box and DI that lets you drive your guitar amp at a higher output in order to maximize the tone.  ...
    Palmer PDI03 Speaker Simulator with Loadbox

    From  $679.95$679.95
    5 Payments of $135.99
    The PDI03 Palmer speaker simulator combines load impedance, a signal splitter and DI box especially designed for guitars. All functions are optimised for live and recording applications. Instead of  ...
    Radial HeadLoad Speaker Attenuator and Simulator

    From  $809.95$809.95
    5 Payments of $180.00
    The Headload is a combination load box and attenuator that is capable of handling up to 130 watts RMS of continuous power and peaks of 180 watts. Inserted between the head and cabinet, it allows the guitar amp to  ...