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KickPort Sonic Enhancement Bass Drum Port Insert

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Product Description

The KickPort Drum Insert is Made For Drummers, By Drummers.
This insert provides exactly what you want from your kick drum, more punch, more bass and less ring. Based on the design of a subwoofer, the KickPort enhances the low end you feel, even lower than your ears can hear. Limiting the amount of dampening to the head, the KickPort allows the drum to resonate beautifully providing the best possible tone for your kick drum. Get rid of those pillows or blankets that choke the vibrations of the shell and use a KickPort for the best sound around.

KickPort Drum Insert Features

  • Made For Drummers By Drummers
  • More Bass, More Punch, Less Ring
  • Based on the Design of a Subwoofer
  • Head Dampening Reclaims the Resonance of your Shell
  • Get Rid of Those Pillows and Blankets
What is the end result? And how does it work?
You get a much richer tone by allowing your drum to use more of its own voice, giving it more punch by enhancing the low frequencies, adding warm compression, and increasing resonance inside the drum.

What does that mean to you behind the kit?
Simply more punch, better batter head response, a much improved kick presence for the audience via your live or studio engineer. More so, you will feel and hear all those beautiful things whether or not you are mic’d up.

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
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Overall Rating
It's a gimmick, but it works... mostly.
What is your overall opinion of this product?
This thing has been hyped all over the place. Here is what it does: The port effectively lowers the resonant frequency of the resonating interior of the drum... so it makes the drum "sound" lower even though it is tuned the same. The port ALSO has foam stuff around the flange where it touches the front head... so it deadens the front head as well. This is not necessarily good or bad, that's up to you. My experience: It makes the drum sound lower and shortens the decay (due to front head dampening. Having mic'd these up quite a few times I can assure you that the drum will sound better WITHOUT the kick port through the mic. It's not a huge difference but the port makes the interior of the drum sound weird through the mic. If you only mic the outside of the hole/head no biggie.
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