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Item Reviews for: DiMarzio Area '61 Stratocaster Single Coil Pickup  -  DIM DP416W

Amazing Pickup
By: from unkownlocation82265      Submitted: 12/28/2012

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General Your general opinion of this product. This pickup will give you the sound of the TEXAS blues sound, fat smoky with bite. but it's not limited to that because you certainly can use it for other styles, but the key is that it's true to the manufacturer explanation of the pickup can do. the way it responds to your playing and changes with how hard and soft you play is truly amazing. I have kinman on my other guitar and those are supposed to be the best noiseless and the most expensive. If I had tried the Area pickups, I probably woun't have gotten the kinmans even though they'rea also amazing, but the area pickup seem to be on Par if not better for much less cash. Get one