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    Solid Basic Controller Not So Good For iPad
    By: John Johnson from Damascus, Md, USA      Submitted: 2/6/2013

    Overall Rating


    General Your general opinion of this product. Overall as MIDI controller this unit is well above average and helps the user get to the meat and potatoes of things in a MIDI environment but as an iPad ready keyboard I reluctantly can't say I am pleased with it. The bumpers seem like a weak choice for stabilizing an iPad they should have put a little more thought into how it would end up in that end. To be fair it still can be useful for the iPad and it plays all musical apps flawlessly. I had plans to use this in a live setting but it wobbles too much for me. Also the ads for it picture a white usb cable when in fact mine and most units I've seen elsewhere have a black cable included with it. Since the unit is white I would have preferred they include the white cable. Nit picking perhaps but sometimes the little details are important.
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