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Samson Expedition XP1000 Portable PA System with Bluetooth

From  $799.99ex VAT$799.99inc VAT
4 Payments of $200.00
Samson's Expedition XP1000 Portable PA system is an all-in-one sound system with incredible features and tons of power that packs into a single compact design. It's perfect for live music performances, DJ sets,  ...
Samson Expedition XP106w Portable Wireless PA with Bluetooth

From  $299.99ex VAT$299.99inc VAT
4 Payments of $75.00
Samson's Expedition XP106w Rechargeable Battery Powered Wireless PA is packed with incredible features, including Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in 4-channel mixer. It also comes complete with a USB digital  ...
Samson Expedition Escape Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker

From  $99.99ex VAT$99.99inc VAT
Samson's Expedition Escape is a rechargeable speaker system that provides incredible sound in any environment. Weighing only 8.5 pounds, this ultra-portable device combines pristine audio performance with  ...
Samson Resolv SE8 Active Studio Monitor

From  $139.95ex VAT$139.95inc VAT
4 Payments of $112.50
Accurate sound and 100 watts of power, the Resolv SE8 active studio monitor features a dedicated power amp and electronic crossover. Producing a true natural sound so you hear every detail of your  ...
Samson Studio GT4 Active Monitors with USB Audio Interface

From  $129.95ex VAT$129.95inc VAT
Moving beyond the boundaries of a typical studio monitor, Studio GT4 combines exceptional monitoring performance with a USB audio interface, providing you with a complete desktop solution for recording  ...
Samson Resolv SE5 Active Studio Monitor

From  $124.99ex VAT$124.99inc VAT
4 Payments of $70.00
When accurate sound reproduction is needed, producers choose the Samson Resolv SE5 Active Studio Monitor. Designed with the latest innovations in speark engineering, the Resolv SE5 monitor  ...
Samson R11 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

From  $23.95ex VAT$23.95inc VAT
The Samson R11 Dynamic Vocal Microphone is a great mic and a great value. Featuring a neodymium element, transformerless design, and a low impedance voice coil, the R11 delivers crisp high end and  ...
Samson C01 Vocal Condenser Microphone

From  $79.99ex VAT$79.99inc VAT
The Samson C01 has all the performance features that you demand from a large diaphragm studio condenser mic - and a knockout price! The Samson C01 is great for recording vocals, acoustic  ...
Samson 8kit Drum Microphone Package

From  $299.99ex VAT$299.99inc VAT
4 Payments of $75.00
The Samson 8KIT microphone package includes all the mics you need to record your drums in a professional live or studio situation. All of the microphones in the 8KIT feature a cardioid pickup pattern voiced  ...
Samson AirLine 77 UHF TD Wind Instrument Wireless Mic System

From  $269.95ex VAT$269.95inc VAT
4 Payments of $67.49
The Samson Airline 77 UHF Wind Instrument Wireless systems are an unbeatable combination. Samson Concert 77 UHF True Diversity Half-Rack Receivers matched up with Samson’s incredible Airline Series  ...
Samson Synth 7 Presentation Lavalier Wireless System

From  $379.99ex VAT$379.99inc VAT
4 Payments of $95.00
Samson's Synth 7 Presentation lavalier System sets the standard for premium UHF wireless performance. Featuring rugged all-metal construction on both the receiver and transmitter, advanced features and flawless  ...
Samson Concert 288 Dual Handheld Wireless System

From  $329.99ex VAT$329.99inc VAT
4 Payments of $82.50
Samson takes the worry out of wireless with the Concert 288 Handheld Wireless System. Offering easy setup, flawless operation and premium sound, it’s the ideal high-performance UHF wireless solution for  ...
Samson AirLine 77 UHF TD Wireless Guitar System wAG1

From  $249.99ex VAT$249.99inc VAT
4 Payments of $62.50
Samson Airline 77 UHF Wireless Guitar systems are an unbeatable combination. Samson Concert 77 UHF True Diversity Half-Rack Receivers matched up with Samson’s incredible Airline Series mini  ...
Samson Concert 88 Guitar UHF Wireless System

From  $179.99ex VAT$179.99inc VAT
Reliable, great sounding wireless for guitar and bass! The Samson Concert 88 Guitar Wireless System gives you the freedom you’ve been wanting without sacrificing your hard-earned tone. The  ...
Samson Airline UHF Guitar Wireless System for Gibson

From  $224.95ex VAT$224.95inc VAT
4 Payments of $62.50
The Samson AirLine Guitar Wireless System is the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and performance. This feather-light AIRLINE Series transmitter has made bulky beltpacks and cumbersome  ...
Samson Servo 600 Stereo Power Amplifier

From  $329.99ex VAT$329.99inc VAT
4 Payments of $82.50
The Samson Servo 600 Power Amplifier is ideal for larger applications where added power is needed to drive multiple speaker chains, or larger format speakers. The Samson Servo amplifiers  ...
Samson Servo 120A Stereo Power Amplifier

From  $199.99ex VAT$199.99inc VAT
The Samson Servo 120A is a reference-class 120 watt (60 watts per side at 4 ohms) single rack space power amplifier designed for use with near-field studio monitors or wherever distortion free, wide, flat  ...
Samson Servo 200 Stereo Power Amplifier

From  $199.99ex VAT$199.99inc VAT
The Samson Servo 200 Stero Power Amplifier is perfect for installation sound and ideal for powering small to medium sized speaker chains, as well as playback and studio monitors. The Servo  ...
Samson L1200 4 Bus USB Mixer

From  $349.99ex VAT$349.99inc VAT
4 Payments of $87.50
Samson L1200 4 Bus USB Mixer; Everything you need to take a live performance to the next level... put the control in your hands and professionalism at your fingertips! Expanding on  ...
Samson SM10 Rackmount Stereo Line Mixer

From  $199.99ex VAT$199.99inc VAT
The Samson SM10 line mixer is a versatile and reliable addition to your audio setup! This generously packed Samson SM10 stereo mixer is perfect on stage, in studios, boardrooms, health clubs,  ...
Samson MixPad MXP124 Compact Analog Stereo Mixer

From  $74.95ex VAT$74.95inc VAT
Samson's all-new MixPad MXP124 Compact, 12-Channel Analog Stereo Mixer combines uncompromising sonic quality with roadworthy durability. The MXP124 boasts an ultra-low noise, high headroom design from every input  ...
Samson HP30 Stereo Headphones

From  $21.95ex VAT$21.95inc VAT
For great sound on the go or in your home studio, the Samson HP30 Playback Headphones offer great sound. Featuring a lightweight, closed-back design with an adjustable headband, the HP30  ...
Samson RB2030 Expedition Rechargeable Battery

From  $69.95ex VAT$69.95inc VAT
RB2030 rechargeable battery kit is for high quality sound anywhere electricity is not available - from the street to the beach, from parks to pool-side. Use with Expedition, Expedition Pro and Expedition  ...
Samson SP01 Shock Mount for C01 Studio Microphone

From  $29.95ex VAT$29.95inc VAT
The SP01 is the Spider shockmount for Samson's C01 condenser mic. Also available for Samson's C03, CL7, CL8 and C01U condenser mics. Fits microphones that have a maximum body diameter of 2  ...
Samson S-direct Plus Active Stereo Direct Box

From  $39.99ex VAT$39.99inc VAT
The Samson S-Direct Plus Stereo Active Direct Box is studio quiet and built like a tank, It is perfect for balancing stereo keyboard signals, unbalanced tape/CD outputs, or any stereo (or dual mono)  ...
Samson S Class Stereo 2-Way/3-Way Mono 4-Way Crossover

From  $169.99ex VAT$169.99inc VAT
The Samson S Class 3 Way Crossover is a powerful crossover designed for FOH and stage monitor systems, commercial installations, studio monitors and high power DJ setups. Equipped with pro quality  ...
Samson C Que 8 Four Channel Headphone Amplifier

From  $99.99ex VAT$99.99inc VAT
This is just the coolest studio headphone amp we have ever seen, or heard. The C-Que 8 is the first of a series of very professional and very versatile C-Class studio tools from Samson. The C-Que 8 packs four  ...