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JBL JRX225 Passiver PA Speaker

JBL JRX225 Passiver PA Speaker

8 Payments 0% Interest on a Pair!

From  $449.99ex VAT$449.99inc VAT
8 Payments of $56.25
Get the party started with the JRX225 speaker by JBL. This portable, dual fifteen-inch, two-way speaker system is designed specifically for applications in live music performance and music  ...
JBL STX828S PA Subwoofer

From  $1,999.00ex VAT$1,999.00inc VAT
12 Payments of $166.59
The JBL STX828S PA Subwoofer is a high powered, dual 18 inch sub in a front-loaded, vented enclosure and provides incredible low-frequency performance. Two drivers give the STX828S subwoofer 2,000  ...
JBL JRX212 2-Way Stage Monitor

From  $249.99ex VAT$249.99inc VAT
3 Payments of $83.33
An affordable, hardworking studio monitor for your venue or touring rig, the JBL JRX212 2-Way Stage Monitor is a portable, 12 inch, two-way speaker system designed specifically for live performance stage  ...
JBL EON 615 Powered 15-Inch PA Speaker with Bluetooth

From  $317.95ex VAT$317.95inc VAT
8 Payments of $57.50
More than just another great JBL sound system, the EON615 is a true step forward in technology developed specifically to deliver the best sound possible regardless of its application. Completely rethinking how  ...
JBL PRX 718XLF Powered PA Subwoofer

From  $920.95ex VAT$920.95inc VAT
12 Payments of $108.25
The JBL PRX718XLF Powered PA Subwoofer will meet your low-end demands in virtually any venue or PA application! With 1500 watts going through a single 18-inch woofer, the PRX718XLF sub is perfect  ...
JBL PRX715 15 Inch 2 Way 1500 Watt Powered Full Range Main System or Floor Monitor Portable Loudspeaker

From  $607.95ex VAT$607.95inc VAT
12 Payments of $141.50
The JBL PRX715 Powered PA Speaker packs a serious punch with 1500 watts, a 2-way design with a 15-inch woofer and 1.5-inch compression driver, exceptional low end response and JBL’s famed  ...
JBL LSR308 3 Series 8 Inch 2 Way Full Range Powered Studio Monitors With Image Control Waveguide

From  $199.95ex VAT$199.95inc VAT
8 Payments of $63.75
A good set of studio monitors could be keeping you from getting a great mix. The JBL LSR308 Powered Studio Monitor delivers incredibly dynamic and accurate sound with technology that surpasses  ...
JBL LSR305 3 Series 5 Inch 2 Way Full Range Powered Studio Monitors With Image Control Waveguide

From  $120.95ex VAT$120.95inc VAT
3 Payments of $103.32
The JBL LSR305 Powered Studio Monitor is a 2-way, 5-inch active reference monitor with incredible technology to compete with monitors costing many times more! With JBL’s Image Control  ...
JBL LSR4328P Powered Studio Monitors

From  $1,139.00ex VAT$1,139.00inc VAT
12 Payments of $129.92
The 8-inch JBL LSR4328P monitors are designed to address the needs of the modern production environment. These superb-sounding studio monitors take into account the acoustic realities of your control  ...
JBL Bags SRX835PCVRDLX Padded Cover for SRX835P

From  $159.99ex VAT$159.99inc VAT
Deluxe padded cover for SRX835P is water resistant and features a black nylon exterior. It has a 2.5mm polyethylene grille protector, 10mm padding, covered handle access with Velcro closure and embroidered JBL  ...
JBL Bags FLIGHT-PRX715 Flight Case

From  $724.99ex VAT$724.99inc VAT
8 Payments of $90.63
A custom fit flight case for two of your JBL PRX715 speakers. This case features 1/2' plywood construction, 3.5' casters and a truck pack exterior. JBL FLIGHT-PRX715 Flight Case  ...
JBL Bags PRX715-CVR Deluxe Padded Speaker Cover

From  $59.99ex VAT$59.99inc VAT
The PRX715-CVR speaker cover from JBL is designed specifically to fit the PRX715 and will protect it from dents, dings, dust and dirt during travel or storage! The water resistant nylon exterior and 5mm padded  ...