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    Pearl Primero Conga Bongo Package with Stand

    From  $399.99ex VAT$399.99inc VAT
    3 Payments of $133.33
    Pearl's Primero Fiberglass Conga Bongo Package with Stands Provides Percussion Essentials at an Unmatched Price! What does Pearl's Primero Series Conga Bongo Package have to offer? The  ...
    Pearl PFC202 Primero Fiberglass Bongos

    From  $199.95ex VAT$199.95inc VAT
    3 Payments of $99.99
    Quality features at an affordable price! From Pearl, one of the most popular and trusted names in percussion, comes an amazing deal. The sound and resonance of these durable, professional  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 646NY City Wood Congas

    From  $299.99ex VAT$299.99inc VAT
    3 Payments of $100.00
    Latin Percussion is proud to introduce the LP646 City Wood Congas. Each pair of City Congas features 10 inch and 11 inch drums crafted from Siam Oak. Measuring at 28 inches tall, City Series Congas come complete  ...
    Pearl PFB100 Primero Fiberglass Bongos

    From  $99.95ex VAT$99.95inc VAT
    Pearl's Primero Fiberglass Bongos Provide Percussion Essentials at an Unmatched Price! The switch to fiberglass shells is easy thanks to their light structure and design. You will notice  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 601NY City Wood Bongos

    From  $69.95ex VAT$69.95inc VAT
    Latin Percussion is proud to introduce the new LP601NY City Wood Bongos. LP City Series Bongos include 6 inches and 7 inches diameter rawhide heads. City Series Bongos are appointed with black powder-coated  ...
    Latin Percussion CP221 Traditional Bongos

    From  $39.95ex VAT$39.95inc VAT
    Latin Percussion LP CP221 Wood Bongos are the perfect entry level bongos, offering quality construction and sound at an affordable price. Made from Asian hardwood, these two bongos are ideal for  ...
    Pearl PCJ300B Wedge Tri Side Cajon

    From  $249.95ex VAT$249.95inc VAT
    3 Payments of $83.32
    The Pearl Wedge Tri-Side Cajon will make a dynamic addition to any percussion set-up! Pearl designed this three-sided cajon to provide the most comfortable playing position by having two matching  ...
    Pearl PBC507 Primero Box Cajon

    From  $129.95ex VAT$129.95inc VAT
    The Pearl Primero Box Cajon is packed with quality features at an great price. Made from Asiatic Pine and finished in Gypsy Brown matte lacquer, the PBC507 has depth and presence for a versatile overall sound.  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 1428NY Black Box Cajon USA

    From  $89.99ex VAT$89.99inc VAT
    The Black Box Cajon USA from Latin Percussion features a Baltic Birch front plate and fixed internal snares. Dimensions are 19 inches high, 11 inches wide and 10-1/8 inches  ...
    Toca Freestyle Rope Tuned Djembe

    From  $69.95ex VAT$69.95inc VAT
    Freestyle Djembes by Toca are weather resistant and extremely durable for drum circles that are too good to quit. The sound quality is second to none, which is why the pros love to play them too.  ...
    Toca Freestyle 14 Inch Rope Tune Djembe Thinker Finsh With Bag

    From  $159.95ex VAT$159.95inc VAT
    Featuring the traditional sound but with high-tech construction, the Freestyle II djembes now take the next step in performance with the installation of all-weather synthetic heads.  ...
    Toca TSSDJ Street Series Djembe

    From  $39.95ex VAT$39.95inc VAT
    The Toca TSSDJ Street Series wood djembe is full of character and their liveliness and playfulness comes through with every beat.  The street element of these drums comes in their organic  ...
    Stagg XYLO SET 37 3 Octave Xylophone With Stand And Bag

    From  $279.95ex VAT$279.95inc VAT
    3 Payments of $129.99
    Stagg XYLO-SET 37 3 Octave Xylophone features Padauk wood bars which offer a warmer tone then xylophones with more traditional steel bars. The xylophone package includes a set of mallets, an  ...
    Rhythm Tech RTDKP Drum Kit Percussion Package

    From  $39.95ex VAT$39.95inc VAT
    A drum set without the Rhythm Tech Drum Kit Package would be like a guitar without strings, it just doesn't work. An absolute must have for trap drummers and percussionists. Rhythm Tech History  ...
    LP Aspire LPA244S Slide Bongo Mounting Bracket

    From  $44.95ex VAT$44.95inc VAT
    LP makes it easy to add bongos to your conga setup with the Latin Percussion LPA244S Aspire Slide Bongo Mounting Bracket . Specifically designed for the LPA653 Aspire Double Conga Stand, this  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 243 Super Guiro

    From  $44.99ex VAT$44.99inc VAT
    The Latin Percussion Super Guiro eliminates the durability issues inherent with the natural version of this instrument. Precision-molded from high-strength plastic, the Super Guiro has the shape, feel, and  ...
    Stagg Small Wooded Fish Shaped Guiro With Scrapper

    From  $12.95ex VAT$12.95inc VAT
    The Stagg Music Wood Guiro is a very fun, cool instrument. A scraper is  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 305 Merengue Guiro with Scrapper

    From  $89.95ex VAT$89.95inc VAT
    The Latin Percussion Merengue Guiro is one of the driving rhythmic forces in a Merengue band. Made from stainless-steel the Merengue Guiro features a hollow, open-ended design with a tightly  ...
    Pearl PTS5134 Primero Steel Timbale Set With Cowbell Sticks and Stand

    From  $284.95ex VAT$284.95inc VAT
    3 Payments of $94.99
    Set these up next to your congas and bongos or add them to you’re already fast growing drum kit! The hardware design allows you to fit these timbales along any kit. The 13 and 14 inch sizes  ...
    Remo Pretuned Tambourine

    From  $24.95ex VAT$24.95inc VAT
    The Remo Pretuned Tambourine is a quality instrument used by both professionals and drum enthusiasts alike. These models feature Remo's world-famous, patented Fiberskyn 3 drumhead film that is durable,  ...
    Remo Radiant Prizmatic Tambourine

    From  $25.95ex VAT$25.95inc VAT
    The Remo Radiant Prizmatic Tambourine will make you sound cool and look marvelous. This tambourine features a tuned head with a Radiant Prizmatic graphic that adds flash on  ...
    Rhythm Tech RT1210 Solo Hand Held Tambourine Black Nickel Jingles

    From  $12.95ex VAT$12.95inc VAT
    Made of tough ABS material, the Rhythm Tech RT1210 Solo Tambourine will stand up to hard playing and keep sounding great! The RT1210 Solo has a narrower handle and frame with a  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 208 Vibraslap II

    From  $46.99ex VAT$46.99inc VAT
    The Vibra-Slap makes its sound when the ball end is struck against the palm of the hand. This sound can be varied simply by rotating the sound chamber. This wood version has warm crisp tones while the metal  ...
    Meinl Artist Series Luis Conte Live Shaker Black

    From  $14.99ex VAT$14.99inc VAT
    The Meinl Luis Conte Live Shaker is a great percussion instrument that features two shakers attached together as one unit. This is the perfect addition to any drummer or percussionist's setup.  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 016 Egg Shaker Trio Set

    From  $8.95ex VAT$8.95inc VAT
    Latin Percussion has added some variety to its most popular shakers. Introducing the Latin Percussion 016 Egg Shaker Trio Set . Each set includes three shakers, each featuring a different fill  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 281 Pro Maracas

    From  $22.99ex VAT$22.99inc VAT
    The Latin Percussion LP 281 Pro Maracas are the most imitated maracas around. They are offered in matched pairs of one high pitch and one low pitch. This variation in pitch is the way maracas were  ...
    Stagg 32 Key Melodica with Gig Bag

    From  $12.95ex VAT$12.95inc VAT
    The Stagg Mexican style maracas are a great addition to any group. The high pitched percussive nature of these maracas cut through the mix to add a latin flavor that everyone is sure to  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 008N Ridge Rider Rock Cowbell

    From  $49.95ex VAT$49.95inc VAT
    LP Cowbells are handmade in the USA and crafted from premium quality steel with specially developed tooling. Every LP Cowbell is hand inspected to check the consistency of metal thickness, the durability of  ...
    Latin Percussion 008N Ridge Rider Cowbell with Mount

    From  $54.95ex VAT$54.95inc VAT
    LP Cowbells are handmade in the USA and crafted from premium quality steel with specially developed tooling. Every LP Cowbell is hand inspected to check the consistency of metal thickness, the durability of  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 20NY Cowbell With Mount

    From  $25.95ex VAT$25.95inc VAT
    The Latin Percussion NY Cowbell with Gibraltar Mount is a classic USA made LP cowbell plus a rock-solid Gibraltar SC-AM1 mount that attaches to a cymbal or tom stand for top or bottom mounting of  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 234A Afuche Cabasa

    From  $39.99ex VAT$39.99inc VAT
    The Latin Percussion LP 234A Afuche Cabasa was designed to create rhythmic scraping sounds and patterns. The beads can be manipulated against the textured steel or the instrument can be spun or  ...
    Rhythm Tech 8000 Cabasa

    From  $24.95ex VAT$24.95inc VAT
    Made from genuine hardwood, our Cabasa has a unique rubber grip for easier and more comfortable playing. Features a linear pattern scraper (for a brighter more cutting sound) and chrome hardware. Rhythm  ...
    Rhythm Tech RT8002 Piccolo Cabasa

    From  $15.95ex VAT$15.95inc VAT
    Great for younger players and school music rooms, the Rhythm Tech RT8002 Piccolo Cabasa is a smaller, higher pitched version of the full-size cabasa. Incorporating many of the same features as  ...
    Pearl PC200 Primero Double Conga Stand

    From  $69.95ex VAT$69.95inc VAT
    The Pearl PC200 Conga Stand fits virtually all conga diameters and odd shaped drums such as djembes. It is heavy duty and made to withstand the most demanding professional use. It is also height adjustable,  ...
    Pearl PB700BHS Bongo Attachment

    From  $39.95ex VAT$39.95inc VAT
    Use the professional bongo attachment to mount your bongos to the Pearl PC200 stand and have everything at your fingertips. Easy to set up and maintain for any type of playing style or  ...
    Gibraltar GCDCP Chain Drive Cajon Pedal

    From  $119.95ex VAT$119.95inc VAT
    The GCDCP Gibraltar Chain Drive Cajon pedal utilizes a dual chain CAM drive system for consistent and familiar feel; along with Gibraltar's fast touch ‘G’ smooth pedal board and a high grade 2.mm cable  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 427 Castanet Machine

    From  $23.95ex VAT$23.95inc VAT
    Playing with sticks or your hands, the Latin Percussion LP 427 Castanet Machine allows players to create articulate rhythms while keeping their hands free. The LP 427 Castanet Machine features a  ...
    LP Aspire LPA165 Traditional Claves

    From  $7.95ex VAT$7.95inc VAT
    The LP Aspire LPA165 Traditional Claves are exceptionally resonant with variable sound qualities. Clave is the rhythmic pattern that forms the basis of Latin music. Clave is phrased in what is  ...
    Meinl Classic Hardwood Claves

    From  $5.99ex VAT$5.99inc VAT
    The Meinl Classic Hardwood Claves are the most common claves and produce the classic cutting sound. Both the clave and the striker have the same size. The Meinl Classic Hardwood Claves are the  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 1207 Jam Block Medium Pitch

    From  $33.99ex VAT$33.99inc VAT
    Latin Percussion Jam Blocks are the modern versions of the age old wood blocks. Traditional wood blocks were fragile and could not stand up to the rigors of aggressive touring. Crafted from LP's  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 1209 Guiro Jam Block

    From  $41.99ex VAT$41.99inc VAT
    The Latin Percussion Guiro Jam Block gives you the guttural tones you have been looking for. Crafted of LP's patented Jenigor formulation, it will deliver the rich low tones of treasured (and  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 1204 Piccolo Jam Block

    From  $25.99ex VAT$25.99inc VAT
    The Latin Percussion Piccolo Jam Block takes its place as the highest pitch in our series of four blocks. It emits a bright, almost tuned tone in the upper register and will be popular in  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 449 Studio Chimes 25 Bars

    From  $95.99ex VAT$95.99inc VAT
    The Latin Percussion LP 449 Studio Chimes are great for studio use or where shorter sustain and added control are desired. They feature 3/8 inch diameter, gold-anodized, aluminum alloy chimes that are  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 236D Mount All Bar Chimes Bracket

    From  $21.95ex VAT$21.95inc VAT
    The LP Mount-All Bar Chimes Bracket mounts perfectly to the anti-twist plate found on LP Studio and Concert Series Bar Chimes for solid  ...
    GonBops Studio Pak Including  a Tray Maracas Claves Shakers and a Bag

    From  $139.95ex VAT$139.95inc VAT
    A necessary percussion package for any gig. This package includes a tray for when you are gigging so your can easily find your instrument. Plus a handy bag for transporting it. The package includes  ...
    Latin Percussion LP 1510 Mountable Cajon Hats

    From  $89.95ex VAT$89.95inc VAT
    Exclusive LP designed cajon mounted hi-hats. Extremely durable base allows for adjustable tension. Can be played open or closed for a traditional hi-hat wash. Allows for stick free playing with specially designed  ...
    Latin Percussion LP CP1 Cajon Accessory Package

    From  $36.95ex VAT$36.95inc VAT
    LP has taken their three most popular cajon accessories, the Cajon Throne (LP1445), Foot Tambourine (LP188) and Small Cajon Castanet (LP433) — and packaged them as one grab-and-go item.  ...