The West African Djembe is a rope-tuned goblet drum, often featuring an animal hide head. Often spiral carved from a single log, the Djembe can produce a vast range of tones. The words [ Dj ] and [ B ] roughly translate as "Gather in Peace."
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  • Remo Djembe Drums are the most popular of all of their World Percussion instruments. Key-tuned Remo djembes are as widely used by touring professionals as they are in drum circles. The high slaps and deep bass ...
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  • Designed for playing comfort and a focused, dry sound, the Apex Djembe features a sleek, lightweight and durable impact-resistant black ABS plastic shell. Featuring a steel-plated radius counter hoop, specially ...
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  • Toca Freestyle Colorsound 7” Djembe are ideal for drum circles, educators and players of all ages. Available in unique metallic colors. The Patented design includes a nylon rope tuning system and a ...
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  • The Kids Percussion Djembe produces a bright, playful sound and can be played while sitting or standing. Recipient of the prestigious Oppenheim Gold Seal Toy Award for product quality. Interactive fun for children ...
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