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Pioneer DDJSZ Professional DJ Controller

From  $1,699.00ex VAT$1,699.00inc VAT
8 Payments of $249.88
The Pioneer DDJ-SZ is the ideal choice for DJ’s in search of a high quality controller with the performance specifications of Pioneer’s top professional DJ products and the convenience of an all-in-one  ...
Pioneer DDJSX2 Professional DJ Controller

From  $899.95ex VAT$899.95inc VAT
8 Payments of $124.88
The DDJ-SX2 from Pioneer is the industry’s first controller to give DJs dedicated control of the new Serato Flip functions within Serato DJ. Serato Flip is an expansion pack for Serato DJ that gives DJs the  ...
Pioneer XDJRX Professional DJ System

From  $1,499.00ex VAT$1,499.00inc VAT
8 Payments of $187.38
The uniquely designed XDJ-RX is a DJ console that incorporates two separate digital players, a mixer, and a built-in monitor. The DJ system is intended for users of the popular Pioneer rekordbox music management  ...
Pioneer DJM900NXS DJ Mixer

From  $1,999.00ex VAT$1,999.00inc VAT
8 Payments of $249.88
The DJM-900nexus DJ Mixer from Pioneer DJ is a high performance digital mixer perfectly paired with Pioneer's latest CDJ line of players. The Pioneer DJM-900nexus offers a  ...
Pioneer DJM2000NXS Professional DJ Mixer

From  $2,099.00ex VAT$2,099.00inc VAT
8 Payments of $312.38
The Pioneer DJM-2000nexus Professional DJ Mixer provides groundbreaking features, technology and layout that is designed to be a top performing mixer. The 5.8 inch full-color, multi-touch display  ...
Pioneer DJM700 DJ Mixer

From  $999.00ex VAT$999.00inc VAT
8 Payments of $124.88
For DJs who are serious about their sound and want to step it up to the next level, it doesn’t get much better than the Pioneer DJM-750 4 Channel Digital DJ Mixer ! Features like 3-band EQs  ...
Pioneer CDJ2000NXS Professional Wireless Multi Player

From  $1,699.00ex VAT$1,699.00inc VAT
8 Payments of $249.88
The Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus CD Player features and technologies include Wi-Fi connectivity, a first in the industry, compatibility with Pioneer's new rekordbox App for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch,  ...
Pioneer XDJ1000 DJ Performance Multi Player

From  $999.00ex VAT$999.00inc VAT
8 Payments of $124.88
Adopting the same advanced layout, size, and ergonomic platter as the professional series CDJ-2000NXS, the XDJ-1000 offers a wealth of DJ performance functions and adds the convenience of touch screen, utilizing a  ...
Pioneer CDJ900NXS Professional DJ CD MP3 Player

From  $1,259.00ex VAT$1,259.00inc VAT
8 Payments of $174.88
The CDJ-900NXS player shares the operability and highest performance functions of the industry standard CDJ-2000NXS. The CDJ-900NXS features a large full-color LCD screen, rekordbox1 music management, Wi-Fi and  ...
Pioneer SDJ80X Active Reference Studio Monitor

From  $199.95ex VAT$199.95inc VAT
3 Payments of $83.00
For DJs looking for the best possible sound while creating music, the Pioneer S-DJ80X Active Reference Studio Monitor is the ultimate choice! 160 watts of total power through an 8-inch aramid  ...
Pioneer SDJ60X Active Reference Studio Monitor

From  $199.00ex VAT$199.00inc VAT
3 Payments of $132.67
Designed specifically for dance music, the Pioneer S-DJ60X Active Reference Studio Monitor provides incredible response with powerful bass, clear mids and highs as well as professional  ...
Pioneer SDJ50X Active Reference Studio Monitor

From  $134.95ex VAT$134.95inc VAT
3 Payments of $99.34
The Pioneer S-DJ50X Active Reference Studio Monitor is designed for great audio feedback while practicing DJing skills. The S-DJ50X is a powered speaker featuring excellent sound quality, a 5-inch  ...
Pioneer PLX1000 Professional Direct Drive Turntable

From  $629.95ex VAT$629.95inc VAT
3 Payments of $233.00
The DJ quality PLX-1000 direct drive analog turntable is designed for DJs who enjoy the look, feel, and performance of vinyl for music playback. The model offers a highly familiar, user-friendly control layout,  ...
Pioneer HDJ2000MK2 Professional DJ Headphones

From  $314.95ex VAT$314.95inc VAT
3 Payments of $116.34
Optimized audio quality, enhanced sound isolation, ultimate comfort and added durability for pro-DJ headphones! The HDJ-2000MK2s are designed for dance music, with a 38 um-thick diaphragm, 50 mm drivers, and  ...
Pioneer DJCFLTSZ Flight Case for DDJSZ Controller

From  $379.00ex VAT$379.00inc VAT
3 Payments of $126.34
Pioneer DJ now offers the best way to transport and protect the extremely popular DDJ-SZ controller with its new DJC-FLTSZ “Black Label” Signature Series ATA Flight Case. Made by Odyssey, the leading  ...