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    Recording Microphones

    Neumann TLM103 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condensor Microphone

    From  $1,099.95ex VAT$1,099.95inc VAT
    12 Payments of $91.67
    The Neumann TLM 103 is the ideal large diaphragm microphone for all professional and semi-professional applications requiring the utmost in sound quality on a limited budget. By utilizing the  ...
    Neumann TLM 49 Vocal Condenser Microphone

    From  $1,699.95ex VAT$1,699.95inc VAT
    12 Payments of $141.67
    The Neumann TLM 49 is a large-diaphragm studio microphone with a cardioid directional characteristic and a warm sound which is especially optimized for vocal performance. The TLM 49 is inspired by  ...
    Neumann U87 Ai Set Z Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone

    From  $3,599.95ex VAT$3,599.95inc VAT
    12 Payments of $300.00
    The U 87 presents a wide range of features and versatility that make it to one of the most desirable mics available. Our users are recognising the microphone immediately by its distinctive design. Well-known for  ...
    Blue Microphones Yeti Multi Pattern Condenser XLR And USB Microphone

    From  $219.95ex VAT$219.95inc VAT
    4 Payments of $62.25
    If you are looking for a high quality USB mic, look no further! The Blue Microphones Yeti Pro USB Microphone is the world's first USB microphone combining 24 bit/192 kHz digital recording  ...
    Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone

    From  $169.00ex VAT$169.00inc VAT
    The versatile NT-USB condenser microphone features zero latency monitoring and plug and play operation. Compatible with PC, Mac, iPad and most Android tablets. Rode NT-USB USB Condenser  ...
    IK Multimedia iRig Mic Studio iOS and USB Condenser Microphone

    From  $149.95ex VAT$149.95inc VAT
    iRig Mic Studio is IK Multimedia’s ultra-portable large-diaphragm digital condenser microphone for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC and Android. It packs a 1 inch diameter condenser capsule into an  ...
    MXL R77-L Ribbon Microphone With Lundahl Transformer

    From  $549.95ex VAT$549.95inc VAT
    4 Payments of $137.49
    The MXL R77L turns instruments into crooners. This ribbon microphone leaves instruments sounding smooth and warm—with just the right amount of room sound rolling in with every note. You'll get a mellow sound  ...
    Cascade FatHeadII Stereo Pair Ribbon Mic with Lundahl Transformer

    From  $749.00ex VAT$749.00inc VAT
    4 Payments of $187.25
    Sonically the same as the standard Fat Head, the Cascade Fat Head II Stereo Ribbon Microphones with Lundahl Transformer comes loaded with upgraded features, such as: polished nickel grill, neck  ...
    MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone

    From  $99.99ex VAT$99.99inc VAT
    The MXL R144 ribbon microphone offers breathtaking sound for vocal and instrument recordings as well as an excellent microphone for broadcast applications. Incorporating a Figure 8 polar pattern and a  ...
    Zoom SSH6 Stereo Shotgun Microphone for H5 H6

    From  $149.99ex VAT$149.99inc VAT
    The SSH-6 mid-side stereo shotgun capsule includes a super-directional microphone for picking up sound in the center, as well as a bidirectional side mic for picking up sounds from the left and right. This allows  ...
    Shure MOTIV MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

    From  $149.00ex VAT$149.00inc VAT
    With an innovative mid-side architecture for clean and clear stereo imaging, the MOTIV MV88 Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone directly connects to any Apple device via a Lightning connector to control a powerful  ...
    Rode IXY-L Stereo Microphone for iPhone iPad Lightning

    From  $199.00ex VAT$199.00inc VAT
    The RØDE iXY is the ultimate recording microphone for iPhone and iPad. With up to 24-bit/96k* recording and on-board high-fidelity A/D conversion, your iXY recordings are rich, smooth and accurate.  ...
    Rode NTG3 Condenser Shotgun Microphone with Storage Cylinder

    From  $619.95ex VAT$619.95inc VAT
    4 Payments of $174.75
    The Rode NTG3 Condenser Shotgun Microphone is the result of years of development by Rode engineers. Using a technology known as RF-bias the Rode NTG3 is almost completely resistant to moisture,  ...
    Rode Videomic Shotgun Microphone Package

    From  $169.95ex VAT$169.95inc VAT
    Rode Videomic with Rycote Lyre mount, boom pole, screw adapter, and extension cable is a professional grade 1/2' condenser shotgun microphone designed for use with consumer video cameras and personal audio  ...
    Rode NTG2 Condenser Shotgun Microphone

    From  $229.95ex VAT$229.95inc VAT
    4 Payments of $67.25
    The RODE NTG2 is a new, lightweight condenser shotgun microphone, designed for professional applications within the film, video, television and production industries. The NTG2 provides a balanced low  ...