Condenser Microphones

Recording Microphone Buyer's Guide
Condenser Microphones use an active electronic circuit to deliver enhanced sound quality, reduced noise, and improved response. Choose the refined character of a Large Diaphragm mic, or the punch and sizzle provided by a Small Diaphragm mic. The required phantom power may be provided by the mixing board, an interface, or a stand-alone supply.

From  $139.99$139.99
3 Payments of $46.67
Just like a bee hive, the King Bee is all about reproduction. Its large-diaphragm condenser design is ideal for applications requiring low noise and high sensitivity-the King Bee excels for vocals, drums, electric  ...

From  $3,599.95$3,599.95
12 Payments of $300.00
The U 87 presents a wide range of features and versatility that make it to one of the most desirable mics available. Our users are recognising the microphone immediately by its distinctive design. Well-known for  ...

From  $1,100.00$1,100.00
12 Payments of $91.67
The Neumann TLM 103 is the ideal large diaphragm microphone for all professional and semi-professional applications requiring the utmost in sound quality on a limited budget. By utilizing the tried-and-true  ...

From  $2,999.00$2,999.00
12 Payments of $249.92
Known as the 'Just Add Talent' microphone, the Manley Reference Cardioid Tube Microphone has that “finished” sound right out of the box, making it the favorite vocal mic of top producers and voiceover  ...

From  $1,295.00$1,295.00
12 Payments of $107.92
The in-house design team at the South Windsor, Connecticut facility along with the aid of some of the industry's most knowledgeable and respected consultants , developed the CU-29 Copperhead from the ground up.  ...

From  $808.95$808.95
12 Payments of $67.42
Designed for critical recording sessions, the WA-47 is based on the legendary classic ‘47 that has been used on countless hit records for the last 50 plus years. The WA-47 utilizes a custom reproduction of  ...

From  $799.00$799.00
12 Payments of $66.59
The Neumann KM184 is the successor to the famous KM84, which has been used since the seventies worldwide with great success. The pressure gradient transducer KM184 features very smooth, colorless frequency  ...

From  $499.95$499.95
12 Payments of $53.33
Sennheiser E965 Condenser Vocal Microphone is versatile vocal mic for an array of singers. The e965, Sennheiser's first large-diaphragm, true condenser handheld microphone incorporates a 1 inch dual-diaphragm  ...

From  $129.95$129.95
3 Payments of $43.32
The Audio-Technica AT2041SP Studio Pack - Studio miking essentials! The AT2041SP Studio Pack offers two versatile 20 Series studio condenser mics for use in home, project and commercial studios. Equally at  ...