Meet the Pioneer Family

Electronic dance music (EDM) is a vast, exciting landscape and the Pioneer DJ family covers it all, constantly pushing new technology while staying true to the roots of DJ culture. Looking to forge your own path as a modern DJ with intense new effects, loads of connections, and incorporating mixing and editing controls you never thought possible? Then ready yourself to unleash the power of Pioneer's rekordbox DJ software or Serato DJ for your computer with their all-in-one controllers. Pioneer direct-drive turntables, media players, and mixers will give you the most comfortable and immersive take on the classic DJ experience using vinyl, CDs, or audio from flash drives. Whatever method you choose to create the hottest new mixes, you can be confident knowing that Pioneer DJ gear is found in the setups of professionals alongside clubs and venues around the globe.

DJ Controllers

Pioneer DJ Controllers are resilient all-in-one solutions that give you hands-on control over every aspect of your music. From first-time DJs to club professionals, these Pioneer controllers pair with your computer to work seamlessly with their own trailblazing rekordbox software or the immensely popular Serato DJ bundle. If you're looking to bring your mixes to life and start working, experimenting, and performing as DJ, AMS has you covered - you are automatically Pre-Approved with our 0% interest, 3-payment plan on a number of incredible Pioneer controllers with rekordbox or Serato!

DJ Mixers

Pioneer's mixers turn DJ players into true instruments and nothing helps you edit, cut, mix, and combine audio in more unique ways than the newest Pioneer offerings. Comfortable, ergonomic layouts and a huge selection of effects and controls provide versatility and performance options for even the longest mixes. Whether you're a technical throwback artist/scratch DJ with a crate of vinyl or are incorporating a similar feel and style of with a digital twist, Pioneer mixers and their strong components are proven to stand up to the rigors of a club schedule with ease.

DJ Players

Ever since the introduction of the CDJ-500, Pioneer has become the industry standard for DJs who have fully transitioned into the digital realm. Today's powerful Pioneer media players have vibrant visual readouts and a full complement of controls allowing you to bring out the most in your music on CDs and flash drives with ease. Even with all of their groundbreaking research and technological advances, Pioneer remains true to unique history and technical beginnings of the DJ. Their PLX direct-drive analog turntables have a comfortable layout, rock-solid construction, and bring out every element of vinyl's distinct sound.

Studio Monitors and Headphones

When it comes to monitoring and DJ headphones, Pioneer has shown time and time again that it stands at the head of the crowd. Balanced, crisp audio, extreme comfort, and superior durability have always been the characteristics associated with Pioneer headphones. As a producer, getting the right levels in your mix is absolutely crucial. The beautiful design and professional quality of Pioneer powered DM, Bulit and RM-series monitor speakers will bring out accurate sound covering the entire sonic spectrum.

Production and PA

A powerful new hardware collaboration has been unleashed! The new Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 is a commanding sampler and step-sequencer with analog filters designed by legendary synth creator Dave Smith – the very same filters from his distinct Prophet-6! This eye-opening piece of tech is a game-changer in the world of electronic music, providing possibilities for producers and DJs as a composition tool, standalone instrument, or addition to your club rig. Pioneer professional audio always deliver exceptional performance and their durable XPRS powered loudspeakers feature high-quality drivers that push thumping Class-D amplifier power. As a performer, Pioneer gives you peace of mind with safeguards designed to achieve consistent audio while protecting against overheating, unstable currents, and feedback.