AMS Buyer's Guides
Turntable Buyer’s Guide
Having a hard time deciding which turntable is best for you? This guide breaks down the differences and lets you know what to look for when shopping for a turntable, no matter what you'll be using it for! Learn more.
QSC Buyer’s Guide
Get an in-depth view of QSC's incredible line of active loudspeakers in this guide! Find out what makes the K Series, KW Series, and KLA Series a favorite among thousands of professionals and hobbyists alike. Learn more.
Shure Wireless Buyer’s Guide
World-renowned microphone manufacturer Shure is on the cutting edge of modern mic design and technology. This guide walks you through the BLX and GLX-D wireless mics, the latest in high-performance, affordable wireless systems from Shure. Learn more.
PA System Buyer's Guide
A new PA system from American Musical Supply is the ideal solution to sounding your best and sharing your sound with the world. We've put together this interactive guide to take some of the "guess-work" out of purchasing a PA system in four simple steps. Learn more.
Pedalboard Buyer's Guide
Creating the ultimate pedal board can be fraught with issues. This buyer’s guide will walk you through some common pitfalls experienced by guitarists and how you can avoid them. This guide also includes some great examples of setting up a signal chain that you can use as a starting point to build your sound! Learn more.
Nylon Buyer's Guide
Learn the ins and outs of nylon string guitars including the differences between classical and flamenco guitars. You'll also find out how the construction of these guitars sets them apart for other steel string guitars. If you're in the market for a nylon string guitar, this is a great resource. Learn more.
Vox Buyer's Guide
Learn about the history behind one of the world's greatest guitar amplifiers. The VOX AC15 and AC30 amplifiers have become an icon of classic and modern music. Click to hear more about the progression of this legendary amplifier. Learn more.
Microphone Buyer's Guide
Searching for the right microphone can be daunting with all the choices available. That is why we have put together an interactive buyer’s guide that provides you with a few questions helping us direct you to the perfect microphone for your needs! Check it out today and start capturing audio with your ideal microphone! Learn more.
Home Recording Buyer's Guide
Learn about the fundamental gear that goes into making the ultimate home studio! From interfaces and studio monitors to headphones and plugins, let us remove the mystique behind this gear and help you make the right choice for your home studio. Learn more.
Singer Songwriter Buyer's Guide
Learn about the tools of the trade for singer-songwriters and how this gear can inspire you to write music! From guitars and amplifiers to PA systems and accessories, this comprehensive buyer's guide has you covered. Learn more.

Marshall Handwired Buyer's Guide
Find out about the latest in Marshall Handwired series amplifiers! Marshall has gone to incredible lengths to achieve maximum authenticity in construction methods and the components used. Learn more.
Synth Buyer's Guide
This buyer's guide will shine a light on some features and functions that may not have been apparent to even savvy synth buyers. From analog emulation to pure analog, this buyer's guide has you covered. Learn more.
heavy Metal Buyer's Guide
The world of metal features many subgenres that have a style all their own. Learn about commonly used gear for many of these subgenres in this heavy metal periodic table. Learn more.
Pedal Power Buyer's Guide
A player's choice of pedals reveals a lot about their personal style. While some prefer a pure tone with minimal enhancement, others indulge in aural soundscapes ranging from the trippy psychedelic to bone crushing distortion. Learn more.

DJ Headphones Buyer's Guide
One of the most important items any DJ needs in their equipment setup is a good-quality set of headphones for accurate monitoring, blending, and mixing. Find the best DJ headphones for you with a little help from our friends at DJ Booth. Learn more.
Pioneer DJ Buyer's Guide
The Pioneer DJ Division has been a leader in DJ Equipment manufacturing for many years now. They've recently applied their Professional DJ knowledge to the new DJ Controller market that has taken the DJ-world by storm. Learn more.
Fender Passport Buyer's Guide
Having a gig almost always means a lot of PA setup including several trips with heavy gear. Fender's innovative Passport PA systems guarantee that the only thing heavy at your gig will be the applause. Learn more.
Gibson Les Paul Buyer's Guide
The 2014 line up of Gibson Les Paul guitars has something for every guitarist. From the inexpensive yet classic design of the Melody Maker to the completely luxurious Les Paul Standard Premium Quilt, these guitars are literally what dreams are made of. Learn more.
Gibson SG Buyer's Guide
With a wide variety of models, the 2014 line up of Gibson SG guitars has something for every player. Starting off with the inexpensive SGJ and going all the way up to the SG Standard, we have the SG Standard, we have the SG to fit your playing style and your pocketbook. Learn more.
Drum Buyer's Guide
Whether you're buying your first drum set or you're building a set that would make Neil Peart jealous, it's important to know which gear you'll need and the AMS Buyer's Guide will help you find it. Learn more.

Fender Stratocaster Buyer's Guide
The iconic Fender Stratocaster forever changed the face of music upon its introduction in 1954. Now you can be a part of this fabled history by owning one of these awesome instruments. Learn more.
Electric Guitar Buyer's Guide
Whether you're buying your first guitar or your 10th guitar, it's important to know which instrument will suit your needs best and the AMS Buyer's Guide will help you find it. Learn more.

Bass Guitar Buyer's Guide
It takes top-shelf gear to bring that low end and a bass player's one-stop shopping destination is AMS. If you've never purchased a bass before we will help you find it. Learn more.
Ukulele Buyer's Guide
There has been a resurgence of interest in the Ukulele, due in part to its unique sonic characteristics that add a new range and feel to any song. Not to mention that they are incredibly fun to play! Check out some videos along with a brief history of the Ukulele.Learn more.

AMS Buyer's Guides