ART ProMPAII Two Channel Discrete Class A Microphone Preamp

From  $299.00$299.00
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The ART Pro MPA II two channel microphone preamp is the next generation in affordable high performance microphone preamp technology. Each microphone input circuit, with selectable 48v phantom power, features  ...
ART TubeMPC Project Series Tube Microphone Preamp With Compressor

From  $99.00$99.00
3 Payments of $33.00
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The ART Tube MP/C Microphone Preamp / Compressor is a multi-purpose tool for audio engineering and recording. Two independent circuits featuring a tube-based analog preamplifier and a VCA-less compressor with  ...
ART ProChannelII Tube Microphone Preamp Channel Strip With EQ/Comp

From  $254.95$254.95
8 Payments of $37.38
The ART Pro Channel II Tube Microphone Channel Strip uses a second-generation discrete Class-A microphone preamp to provide clean quiet gain while maintaining incredible transparency. A powerful dynamics processor  ...
ART ProVLAII Tube Driven Vactrol Based Compressor / Leveling Amplifier

From  $299.00$299.00
8 Payments of $37.38
The ART Pro-VLA II is a tube driven Vactrol-based Compressor and Leveling amplifier designed to excel in any professional audio application, including tracking, mixing, mastering, live sound or broadcast  ...
ART HeadAmp6 Pro 6 Channel Professional Headphone Amplifier With EQ

From  $169.95$169.95
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The ART HeadAmp 6 Pro 6 Channel Headphone Amplifier has everything you need in a headphone amp. The HeadAmp 6 delivers six independent high-power headphone outputs, each with bass and treble controls with dual  ...
ART S83Way Eight Channel Three Way Microphone Splitter

From  $279.00$279.00
5 Payments of $55.80
Designed and engineered for high quality audio performance and functionality, the S8 3WAY is an eight channel three way microphone splitter which is ideal for live sound, recording and broadcast applications. Now  ...