Established in 1980, Alesis was founded on the principle of making professional studio recording technology accessible to everyone. With this objective in mind, Alesis introduced the the Midiverb, the world's first professional 16-bit effects processor priced under $1000. Shortly after, Alesis revolutionized the recording industry with the ADAT Multi-Channel Digital Tape Recorder. Today, Alesis has introduced a series of successful electronic drum kits, analog mixers with built-in Digital Signal Processing, and highly innovative and adaptable computer audio interfaces and keyboard controllers.
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The DM10 MKII Pro Kit is designed for either studio or live performance. The DM10 MKII Pro Kit features upgraded sounds and intuitive controls, plus players immediately notice the improved feel, response and   ...
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A versatile sound system, the PA System in a Box is a great choice for coffee houses, rehearsal or other small venues. Easy set up allows you to be ready to go in minutes! Vocals come across to the audience loud   ...
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Featuring 12 premium voices and adjustable touch response, the Recital Pro by Alesis is an 88 full-sized hammer action key piano. In addition, there is a lesson mode for learning, a record mode and effects all   ...
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The Alesis MultiMix 10 Wireless has convenient connections with a stereo Bluetooth channel for great versatility. The compact MultiMix 10 Wireless delivers ten-channel mixing in a neat three space package. This   ...
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