Bass Guitar Strings

La Bella 750N Black Nylon Tape Wound Bass Guitar Strings Light 50-105
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Now available in a LIGHT gauge! Redesigned for improved tone, sustainability and longevity, these stainless steel wound strings have an outer wrapping of black nylon tape. Ideal for fretless electric basses, these   ...
Hartke HX 5-String Nickel Bass Guitar Strings Set
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From  $12.95$12.95
Designed and tested by musicians for musicians, Hartke Hx 5-string bass strings are preferred for their excellent playability and comfort. Featuring a hexagonal core precisely wound to ensure true intonation, the   ...
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GHS Round Core Bass Boomers 6-String Bass Strings
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Developed by bass experts in the GHS office and tested by bass professionals in the field, Round Core Bass Boomers are an exciting addition to the string family at GHS. Wrapping nickel-plated steel over a   ...