Bass Guitar Strings

Revitalize your tone with a fresh set of Bass Guitar Strings. At American Musical Supply, we have the right string for every electric bass and every musical style. Choose your favorite winding, coating, and materials. In addition to standard four-string sets, you'll find short, long, extra-long, and even non-standard scale lengths; plus five-string, six-string, drop-down tuning sets, and more-all in a variety of gauges to suit any and all players.
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Stick with what works! If you have a Fender Bass with a string-through bridge, then these are the strings for you! That's because Super 7250s are installed on all U.S. and Mexico Basses with string-through   ...
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D'Addario's NYXL electric bass string sets feature the innovative combination of NYXL nickel-plated wrap wire wound on our NY Steel core for expanded dynamic range and harmonic response. NYXL45125 provides   ...
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Upgrade your Bass VI with a set of La Bella Strings! These strings have been specifically constructed to perfectly fit your Bass VI instrument with the right amount of taper by the small ball ends and slimmer   ...