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Ernie Ball Slinky Bass Nickel Wound Strings
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For over 50 years, Ernie Ball Slinky electric guitar strings have been the favorite of musicians across the globe, Ernie Ball's signature recipe consists of specific gauges and core to wrap ratios for balanced   ...
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DR Strings BKB545 Black Beauties Coated Bass Strings 5 String
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These coated black bass strings are on a round core, and come in a 5-string set. The DR K3 Black Beauties aren't just coated to look great, although that helps, the coating process improves the performance of   ...
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D'Addario NYXL32130 6 String Bass Set Super Long
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D'Addario's NYXL electric bass string sets feature the innovative combination of NYXL nickel-plated wrap wire wound on our NY Steel core for expanded dynamic range and harmonic response. NYXL32130SL provides   ...