Blackstar Amplification

Blackstar Series One 1046L6 Guitar Amplifier Head

From  $1,799.00$1,799.00
The Blackstar S11046L6 4 Channel Guitar Amplifier Head offers clean and crunch channels, plus two high gain overdrive channels (with high and low output damping) plus a second overdrive channel EQ (complete with  ...
Blackstar Club40 MarkII Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier 1x12 40 Watts

From  $594.95$594.95
12 Payments of $58.34
Blackstar’s HT Venue series has been some of the best-selling amps since 2010 for a reason! Players of all styles and in any venue have discovered the incredible power, tone and versatility that make the  ...
Blackstar IDCORE100 Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier 100 Watts

From  $349.99$349.99
8 Payments of $43.75
Featuring incredible tone and versatility, take your first step onto the stage with the ID Core Stereo 100. Expanding their award-winning ID Core line into the live environment, Blackstar is introducing the ID  ...
Blackstar ID260TVP Stereo Programmable Guitar Combo Amplifier

From  $599.99$599.99
12 Payments of $50.00
Featuring two 12 inch speakers and fantastic versatility and tone, the Blackstar ID260TVP Stereo Programmable Guitar Combo Amplifier has a broad immersive sound and really packs a punch live. More than seven years  ...
Blackstar HTV412 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

From  $599.99$599.99
12 Payments of $50.00
The HT Venue Series has four outstanding speaker cabinets that are all equipped with Celestion drivers and have been voiced to work with the HT Venue amplifiers, as well as a wide range of other products. All the  ...
Blackstar FS10 Footcontroller for ID Series Amps

From  $89.99$89.99
3 Payments of $30.00
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For owners of the fantastic ID Series amps from Blackstar, this is a must have! The Blackstar FS-10 Footcontroller for ID Series Amps gives you simple on-the-fly control of your ID:Series amplifier, allowing you  ...
Blackstar Fly3 Mini Bass Guitar Amplifier 3 Watts

From  $69.99$69.99
3 Payments of $23.33
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FLY 3 BASS is THE compact mini amp for your bass guitar and your phone or tablet. Combining two channels, EQ and a compressor it's theperfect take-anywhere bass amp. Whether playing bass, or playing your music,  ...
Blackstar IDFS12 Footswitch for IDCORE100 and IDCORE150

From  $99.99$99.99
3 Payments of $33.33
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The FS-12 is a multi-function footcontroller in a compact, low profile, durable aluminum body that allows access to all 36 patches of the ID:CORE 100 / ID:CORE 150. The large, clear dot matrix display ensures easy  ...