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Strictly devoted to the research and development of innovative sounds, Blackstar Amplification brings over fifty years of combined technical and design expertise to their diverse collection of guitar amps and bass amps. Since their inception in 2004, Blackstar amps have always prioritized versatility by incorporating elements from numerous sources of inspiration; vintage and modern, American and British, clean and driven; all to give the guitarist complete and total control over every element of their sound. From the practice room to the stage and studio, the excellence of a Blackstar is always on display, rigorously tested and built with the highest quality components to withstand the workload of heavy use. With Blackstar in their rig, a musician with that passion for self-expression can be confident that their gear is always up to the task.
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The flagship HT Stage 100 MkII guitar amp head uses a quartet of selected EL34 power valves to deliver 100W of British dynamics with 3 channels offering 6 voices for amazing tonal versatility. The 'boutique' style   ...
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Featuring two 12 inch speakers and fantastic versatility and tone, the Blackstar ID260TVP Stereo Programmable Guitar Combo Amplifier has a broad immersive sound and really packs a punch live. More than seven years   ...
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The HTV-212 Mk II delivers awesome tone and projection. These cabinets use heavy-gauge wiring and finger-jointed construction for strength and tone. Inside, two 12-inch Celestion 80 Watt loudspeakers give this   ...
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The U250 Active Extension Cabinet from Blackstar is the perfect way to expand your rig when you need more power, instantly adding 250 watts of power to your existing combo. Equipped with a 15 inch Eminence   ...
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The FS-12 is a multi-function footcontroller in a compact, low profile, durable aluminum body that allows access to all 36 patches of the ID:CORE 100 / ID:CORE 150. The large, clear dot matrix display ensures easy   ...
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