ROLI Seaboard
Add extensive, real-time control to your software synthesizers, virtual instruments, and DAWS. Enhance your hardware rig with remote or in-place keys, pads, knobs, and sliders. Enjoy the expression of a wind controller or the convenience of footpedals. American Musical Supply has the USB or MIDI controller you need to take command of your software and/or hardware set-up.
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With KOMPLETE KONTROL S49, music-making becomes a more intuitive, hands-on experience. Perform expressively, browse and preview sounds, tweak parameters, sketch your ideas, then navigate and mix your project   ...
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The Roland Aerophone AE-10 is a trailblazing digital wind instrument that fuses traditional sax fingering with the flexible onboard tones you need. In the studio and on stage, your trusty acoustic sax is always by   ...
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