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DR Strings DBG10 Dimebag Darrell Electric Guitar Strings
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DR Strings Dimebag Darrell HI VOLTAGE Electric strings are made for extreme playing. Dime used DR's strings of strength since 1995 because of their feel - you can really get a grip on them. They're great for   ...
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DR Strings BKB545 Black Beauties Coated Bass Strings 5 String
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These coated black bass strings are on a round core, and come in a 5-string set. The DR K3 Black Beauties aren't just coated to look great, although that helps, the coating process improves the performance of   ...
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DR Strings DSA Dragonskin Clear Coated Acoustic Guitar Strings
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Dragon Skin strings have a proprietary patented #8487168 coating from K3 Technology Coating that makes them the first coated strings that 'sound as good or better than uncoated strings.' All six strings are   ...