DR Strings

DR Strings
String up that guitar or bass with worthy DR Strings from American Musical Supply! DR Strings are known as the 'Handmade String', which only begins to express the quality and care these guitar and bass strings are made with. Artists all over the world trust DR Strings, including many prominent musicians like Adam Clayton from U2 and Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath. DR Dragon Skin acoustic strings are K3 proprietary coated, and research shows this has made the strings louder and longer lasting, which is important for aggressive players. This feature is extended even to the plain Dragon Skin strings, revealing the quality DR Strings stands for. Musicians undecided about which DR Strings to get for their guitar may look to AMS' expert customer service for help!
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DR Strings Black Beauties black coated electric guitar strings represent the latest in coated guitar string technology! DR’s K3 Technology coated wire is pre coated before winding for extra life and extra   ...
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These coated black bass strings are on a round core, and come in a 4-string set. The DR K3 Black Beauties aren't just coated to look great, although that helps, the coating process improves the performance of   ...
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DR Strings ZEBRA electric-acoustics are specifically designed for acoustic-electric guitars with piezo pick-ups under the bridge... or magnetic pickups in the sound hole. ANY amplified acoustic comes ALIVE when   ...