Dunlop Guitars Gear

There is a reason that guitar players from all around the world have Jim Dunlop effects pedals, picks, and accessories in their rigs - their performance quality and a wonderful track record do all of the necessary talking. Led by the iconic Cry Baby Wah, Dunlop effects are true staples in pedalboards everywhere and will open new sonic frontiers for you to explore. Looking for just the right guitar picks? Dunlop has just what you need - their colorful Tortex picks are just the first in a wide assortment of options. We even carry variety blister packs that include a number of different picks, so you can experiment and try different ones in different situations. Repair shops, guitar techs, and players everywhere trust Dunlop to keep their guitars up to speed and performing their best. No setup is complete with Dunlop accessories, including capos, guitar slides, straps, strap locks, and much more. Keep your acoustic and electric guitars looking brand new with the powerful Dunlop System 65 series of cleaning kits and supplies. Choose consistency and reliability - Choose Dunlop!