ESP was born in a Tokyo repair shop back in 1975, selling customized replacement guitar parts and Japanese crafted instruments. From these humble beginnings there has always existed a creative spirit rooted in exceptional quality. Soon thereafter, ESP's reputation for excellence began spreading across the globe and by the 1980s they began designing and building custom instruments without ever looking back. Influenced first and foremost by their collaboration with many of the most legendary guitar and bass players throughout the industry, ESP instruments don't hold anything back, showcasing style and radiating confidence. From their Japanese and American made signature models to their wide-reaching LTD line, ESP offers unmatched variety and excellence for any guitar or bass player.
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For over 25 years, Stephen Carpenter of Deftones has been credited for exploring his own textures with the guitar, and, in the process, becoming one of the foundations of the alternative metal musical genre. His   ...
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A special edition bass, the LTD B-1004SE Multi-Scale use a special fret design to optimize string tension and ergonomics. This multi-scale bass features a swamp ash body with solid rosewood top, 5 piece   ...
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The TL-12 Thinline 12-string features ESP LTD’s Acoustic Resonant Chamber for a remarkable tonal response and great projection in a comfortable body shape. Premier components like Graphtech NuBone-XB nuts   ...
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ESP Hardshell guitar cases are form fitting to provide the support needed for your ESP Axe. The ECFF case is fitted to EC body styles and provides a safe haven with an accessory compartment for a cable, tuner or   ...
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