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From dialing in a sound to rocking it out, Eminence professional audio and musical instrument loudspeakers have been the leading choice in audio applications worldwide since 1966. Eminence is dedicated to providing the best quality, value, and service to meet your needs. Nowhere is that mission more evident than in their wide product selection, industry leading seven-year warranty, and unrivaled customer support. Designed and assembled by hand in the USA, Eminence is the most trusted name in the industry. Find out why the world's premier brands and countless audio enthusiasts and musicians rely on Eminence.
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The Legend CA154 is a pro sound 15 inch Woofer for use in Bass Guitar cabinets or in a PA cabinet. Four Ohm Driver with High   ...
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The Eminence Red Coat Series Governor Guitar Speaker is the perfect and easy way to upgrade your classic American amp. A versatile guitar speaker, the Governor is great for southern rock or blues. You can expect a   ...
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The Eminence F151M-8 ring radiator compression driver is a ferrite version of the popular N151M-8. It delivers monumental performance. Utilizing a phase plug design, that improves the distribution of forces over   ...
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Designed for high power applications in main PA systems and sub-woofers, the Eminence Kilomax 18A Subwoofer Speaker is sure to rattle the walls in any venue. A massive 109 oz. cast frame magnet structure, double   ...
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The Eminence Kappa Pro 18LF 18” speaker is the latest addition to the popular Kappa series of drivers that provides tons of low frequency output in a lightweight, durable cast aluminum chassis. Use it as a   ...