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    Eminence Speakers

    Eminence Legend BP1024 10 Inch Replacement Speaker 200 Watts

    From  $69.99$69.99
    Eminence Legend BP 102-4 speaker is recommended for professional bass guitar applications in a sealed or vented enclosure. Works well in single or multi driver  ...
    Eminence Legend BP102 10 Inch Bass Amplifier Speaker 200 Watts

    From  $69.99$69.99
    Back by popular demand! The Eminence Legend BP102 has been a staple product for many bass guitar wonders over the past 10 years. Eminence has had so many requests for this speaker, Eminence  ...
    Eminence Legend B810 10 Inch Bass Amplifier Speaker 150 Watts

    From  $69.99$69.99
    Eminence Legend B810 is a 32 ohm, 10 inch stamped frame bass guitar driver with a true classic design. It’s modern features include an M-roll surround for higher excursion and less cone breakage, a double  ...
    Eminence Patriot Texas Heat Guitar 12 Inch Speaker 150 Watts

    From  $79.99$79.99
    5 Payments of $58.00
    The Eminence Texas Heat is the perfect guitar speaker for southern rock or blues guitarist. The Texas Heat delivers a nice warm, fat tone with a little top end bite and clarity to cut through a mix  ...
    Eminence Patriot Swamp Thang 12 Inch Guitar Speaker 150 Watts

    From  $94.99$94.99
    3 Payments of $31.67
    The Eminence Swamp Thang guitar speaker will transform your cab into an all out powerhouse! Designed with heavier players in mind, the Swamp Thang provides a thick and chunky tone with loads of  ...
    Eminence Legend 1058 10 Inch Guitar Speaker 75 Watts

    From  $59.99$59.99
    When you need a little extra power, the Eminence Legend 105 Guitar Speaker is perfect as a general 10 inch replacement. It has been and continues to be original equipment in many of your  ...
    Eminence N314T-8 Compression Driver

    From  $199.99$199.99
    3 Payments of $66.67
    The 1.4 inch exit N314T-8 sets a new standard in compression drivers from Eminence. Featuring D3 technology (Damped Diametric Drive), a 3 inch voice coil, and lightweight neodymium ring magnet with a copper  ...
    Eminence ASD1001 High Frequency Compression Driver 50 Watts

    From  $29.99$29.99
    The Eminence ASD 1001 High Frequency Driver is a high quality 1 inch driver that will outperform and outlast any HF driver you have right now! Eminence products are up to the task of performing at  ...
    Eminence BGH25-8 Bass Cab Driver and Horn

    From  $39.99$39.99
    The Eminence BGH25-8 is a 25 watt driver and die cast horn combination optimized specifically for bass guitar  ...
    Eminence OmegaPro 18A 18 Inch Replacement PA Speaker 800 Watts

    From  $209.99$209.99
    3 Payments of $70.00
    Eminence Omega speakers are built for all high power bass applications. Omega Pro Series drivers are by far Eminence’s most widely used high power drivers. All Omega Pro Series drivers feature huge  ...
    Eminence KilomaxPro 18A 18 Inch PA Subwoofer Speaker 1250 Watts

    From  $249.99$249.99
    5 Payments of $50.00
    Designed for high power applications in main PA systems and sub-woofers, the Eminence Kilomax 18A Subwoofer Speaker is sure to rattle the walls in any venue. A massive 109 oz. cast frame magnet  ...
    Eminence Professional LAB12 12 Inch Speaker 400 Watts

    From  $174.99$174.99
    3 Payments of $58.33
    The Professional series Lab 12 is recommended for vented, sealed, and horn loaded, professional audio enclosures as a subwoofer. Also great as an automotive  ...
    Eminence Professional KappaPro15A 15 Inch Speaker 500 Watts

    From  $144.99$144.99
    3 Payments of $48.33
    The Kappa Pro-15A is recommended for professional audio in a vented mid-bass or bass enclosure. Also suitable for bass  ...
    Eminence Neodymium Kappalite 3015LF 15 Inch Speaker 450 Watts

    From  $199.99$199.99
    3 Payments of $66.67
    The Kappalite 15LF8 is recommended for professional audio and bass in vented enclosures. With 900 watts music program and a frequency response of 40 Hz - 1.5 kHz, this Eminence speaker will meet the needs of the  ...
    Eminence American Standard Delta10A 10 Inch Speaker 350 Watts

    From  $44.95$44.95
    Designed for high power PA/monitor speaker applications, the Eminence Delta 10A PA Speaker features a heavy 56oz. magnet and has a 350 watt rating. Frequency response is 63Hz to 3.7kHz and  ...