Fuchs Audio Technology

Fuchs Full House 50 1x12 Guitar Combo Amplifier

From  $1,895.00$1,895.00
12 Payments of $157.92
The Full House 50 delivers a variety of tone in a stylish 1x12 guitar combo. The Fuchs Casino Series delivers the great Fuchs ODS style tones that built their business, to a more affordable format. While sharing  ...
Fuchs Full House 50 Guitar Amplifier Head

From  $1,695.00$1,695.00
12 Payments of $141.25
The Fullhouse 50 head produces 50 watts of Class AB power. It comes stock with 2 x 6L6 output tubes. It can be-re-biased to run 2 x EL34 tubes as well for different tones. Preamp section is 3 x 12AX7 tubes.  ...
Fuchs Mantis Jr Electric Guitar Amplifier Head 20 Watts

From  $1,269.00$1,269.00
12 Payments of $124.59
The Mantis Jr. Series of amps answers the demand for a heavier sounding amp in the Fuchs line-up. The Mantis Jr. is based on the ODS/Casino sized chassis platform, has two channels with a shared Bass, Middle,  ...
Fuchs Plush Creme De La Trem Tremolo Pedal

From  $121.95$121.95
3 Payments of $50.00
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A unique tremolo pedal, the Plush “Crème de la Trem” is designed to emulate the sound of the highly desirable Brown face Fender Tremolo’s of the 50’s and 60’s. These tremolos  ...
Fuchs Plush Replay Tube Delay Pedal

From  $549.00$549.00
8 Payments of $68.63
Using a unique circuit topology, the Plush Replay Tube Delay Pedal features up to one second of pure warm delay. The Replay has a True High Voltage power supply providing 300 volts to a genuine tube audio stage as  ...
Fuchs Plush Valve Job Tube Overdrive Pedal

From  $259.00$259.00
5 Payments of $51.80
The Plush “Valve Job” is a simple to operate 4-knob overdrive pedal, which is easily dialed in for the widest range of overdrive tones. The Plush “Valve Job” pedal is a truly unique  ...