American Musical Supply provides DJs and music enthusiasts with affordable Gemini equipment! Gemini DJ systems, controllers and headphones give DJs the technological advantage in putting on a successful show. The Gemini Speaker RS315 can produce up to 1200 watts of power offering plenty of output for any setup. Use the touch screen on the Gemini MP3 CD CDJ700 for total control and versatility when working with different file formats. The Gemini CDM P7000 Complete DJ System is a portable workstation that features a commanding and comprehensive central mixing section. The Gemini Dual Media CD Player has two decks for audio CDs featuring single and continuous play modes. When looking for a power amplifier that can really scream, the Gemini Professional XGA4000 brings the noise along with professional features to the party. Get the best price on Gemini gear with a 45-day low price guarantee from AMS!
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Gemini’s CDM-4000 USB/CD Media Console is a powerful, cost-effective tool that provides easy-to-use track search and playback features across dual CD decks. Combining practical functionality with the control   ...
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The Gemini ES-210MXBLU-ST is filled with innovative technology in one complete, lightweight package. With features including an eight channel mixer, integrated USB, Bluetooth and SD interfaces, and convenient   ...
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The 6200M dual handheld wireless system features a UHF high band dual channel receiver with multi selectable frequencies from 512-537.5 MHz. If you are a lead singer, DJ, karaoke enthusiast or anyone searching for   ...
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