Headphones for Sale

In-ear, on-ear, over the ear, wired, wireless, it doesn't matter what you're after - American Musical Supply carries a wide selection of headphones and earphones from top audio brands! Enjoy listening to your favorite music with the highest quality noise-cancelling and audiophile models out there - you'll enjoy incredible audio fidelity and depth. If you're producing and recording music in any studio, you'll need multiple pairs of studio monitoring headphones to give the musicians you're working with access to a comfortable, accurate mix of their own to follow while laying down their vocals and instrumentals. These headphones are also essential for achieving proper levels and getting your audio mixes and masters just the way you want them. Our DJ headphones will help bring an extra element of control to your sets so you can execute cuts, jumps, and crossfades even in the loudest environments. As a musician, your ears are your most valuable asset, also remember to pick up and use earplugs and hearing protection regularly!