Interconnect Cables

These are the behind-the-scenes players. Interconnect cables carry your audio signal from one piece of equipment to the next-from patching in effects to connecting mixers, amps, and monitors. Find the right cable, the correct connectors, the appropriate length, and the best selection at American Musical Supply.
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For outstanding neutral tone and noise rejection, Mogami Gold 1/4 Inch TRS to 1/4 Inch TRS Balanced Cable is an excellent interconnect cable for any 1/4 inch balanced line cable. This cable is a very popular   ...
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A high quality Hosa cable designed to connect gear with stereo unbalanced phone jacks to gear with stereo phono jacks. It is ideal for use in touring and other live-sound applications. Hosa Dual 1/4 Inch to   ...
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The PX-TMXM is a TRS (Male) - XLR (Male) balanced cable. The Pig Hog Solutions line features an expanding selection of adapter and cables designed to solve common interfacing problems in the studio and on stage.   ...
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Dual RCA cables are a great way to keep track of stereo signals. Pig Hog dual cables feature heavy duty molded connectors with built in strain relief, color coded for easy identification of Left and Right   ...
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The Hosa CMP153 splits a Stereo Minijack signal into Left and Right quarter-inch connections. The Hosa CMP Y-cable is designed to connect an audio device with a mini stereo phone output to pro audio gear with   ...
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