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EarMaster Pro 7 Ear Training Software

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Product Description

To become a better musician, you the right skills. EarMaster is software that provides ear-training, sight singing and rhythm training. EarMaster is the #1 music theory trainer for all musicians who want to get better skills, from beginner level to very advanced.

With more than 2500 interactive lessons, EarMaster covers all the core aspects of ear training, sightsinging and rhythm training. You will learn to:

sight-sing melodies off musical scores
sing back melodies you just heard
clap back rhythms you just heard
sing on pitch
transcribe music by ear
play in rhythm and with precise timing
recognize chords, intervals, scales and cadences by ear

Most musicians want to improve their music theory skills but let’s be honest, it’s neither the easiest or the most exciting part of music learning. It requires a lot of time, dedication, consistency and also a devoted training partner. That’s exactly why we created EarMaster: to make music theory easy, motivating and fun to learn. It’s so efficient that you will make solid, lasting progress within the first few weeks of use!

EarMaster Pro 7 Ear Training Software Features
  • Beginner's course to learn all the core music theory skills.
  • Complete ear training covering intervals, chords, chord inversions, scales, harmonic progressions, melodies, rhythm, and more.
  • Voice detection technology that recognizes the notes you sing.
  • Sight-singing course: Sing on-screen scores into a microphone (not included) and get immediate feedback on your pitch and time accuracy.
  • Rhythm training: tap rhythms in real time and get instant feedback on your performance.
  • Customize everything: Take complete control of the software and configure your own exercises with hundreds of options available: voicing, key, pitch range, cadences, time limits, etc.
  • Connect a MIDI instrument (Not included) to play your answers.
  • An intelligent help system can be activated anywhere in the software.
  • Free email support by qualified in-house staff.
  • Jazz workshops with additional exercises for advanced users: jazz chords and progressions, swing rhythms, Jazz sight-singing and melody sing-back exercises based on Jazz standards such as "After You've Gone", "Ja-Da", "Rock-a-Bye Your Baby", "St. Louis Blues", and many more.
  • Detailed statistics and results: Follow your progress day by day and spot your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Works with EarMaster Cloud: If your school or choir is using EarMaster Cloud, you can connect the app with your EarMaster Cloud user account and complete your EarMaster assignments with the app.
Developed in close partnership with music theory experts from several universities, EarMaster enables you to improve your skills with the exact same exercises that you would meet in the best music schools – but don’t take out word for it: EarMaster is also used by thousands of music schools around the world to accompany music theory courses at most teaching levels.

So if you are serious about your musical skills, don’t waste one more minute and get started with EarMaster. Because if you can hear it, you can play it!

New in Version 7:
  • Completely re-engineered user interface
  • New interactive beginner’s course covering all the fundamentals of music theory
  • Redesigned on-screen instruments (piano, guitar, bass, violin, cello, banjo, etc.)
  • New improved voice detection algorithm
  • New context-dependent help system
  • New advanced statistics tool
  • Revised General workshops
  • Revised Jazz workshops
  • New intuitive Mic Test assistant
  • Revised lesson introduction screen
  • New call-response mode for melody singback and rhythm clapback exercises
  • New tempo presets
  • Retina and full screen support (Mac)
  • New instrumental profiles
  • Hundreds of under-the-hood improvements

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications
EarMaster Pro 7 Ear Training Software System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, or 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Soundcard or other MIDI device
CD-ROM or Download Connection

Mac OS X 10.10 or later (Intel only)
CD-ROM or Download Connection

Internet connection

Customer Reviews

Review: Thomas Submitted: 5/21/2019

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.

verified buyer


Very happy with this program.
Product Rating

Product Review

I took a chance on this and it is what I hoped it would be. I have tried other products that were just cheap guessing games that got on my nerves immediately. Even through my laptop mic it shows my pitch as I’m singing so I know where I’m at and what to do which alone blows every other product I’ve tried away and corrects me on my intonation and timing. I haven’t even activated it yet. Now after years of playing music if I want to sing a C note I can do it. I tune my guitar to my own voice. Not super fancy or technical just strait forward and works.

Review: Innocent Lunga Submitted: 3/10/2019

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.

verified buyer


Well worth the money. Very helpful with my music theory assignments at school.

Product Review

This product was very well manufactured. It has helped me to maintain an A grade in all my music theory exams. Confusing concepts have become simple and easy to explain to others.

Review: Mark V Submitted: 1/1/2019

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.

verified buyer


Amazing ear training software

Product Review

Not sure what issue the other reviewer was having, but this product unlocked the full version of EarMaster 7 for me. I think there is one set of courses, the RCM section, that is not included with this purchase but requires a separate payment. However you do get the entire Beginner's Course, General Workshops and I think a Jazz Workshop included with purchase. As for the software itself, I think it's amazing. It provides a structured plan to essentially improve one's "ear" as well as matching the music theory with the improvement in one's hearing. The software is very professionally designed with several robust features such as midi keyboard input and switching between naming schemes (solfege, movable-do, nashville notation, etc). Well worth the money if your goal is to improve your "ear" in regards to music.

Review: Frankly speaking Submitted: 10/6/2018

Product Rating1 out of 5 stars.

verified buyer


This 50.00 Dollar product has same options, as downloading the software "FREE"

Product Review

don't buy it, all the courses are blocked. you wont get them unless you pay more money. Download the free version- and buy the courses with the 50.00 dollars instead


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